Promotion back pay/dates. HELP

Hi everyone, i will quickly run through what has happened, hopefully one of you will be able to help.

I picked up on the promotion board in Nov 2006. However, with being on tour etc, i didnt manage to get the relevant courses done. The RCMO called me asked me why (this was about Nov 2007) I gave him a good reason, so i was granted a 2 month extension by MCMDIV. I was confirmed on the next available courses by Jan 2008. I have just completed the courses need (Feb/Mar 2008), am i entitled to back pay? Will i have to sit on the next board?

Any help would be great

Adam-poo :roll:
Nope, if MCM Div granted an extention to the promotion year for you (for the reasons stated) then you will get the relavent back pay as long as you are filling the post of that next higher rank, otherwise you will be posted/assigned, on promotion, to a new post (at your new rank) effective on assignment.

If you were filling said post at higher rank you should have held acting rank or been in reciept of SUPA, depending on the time spent in that post.

Hope this helps.

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