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I was selected for lcpl in oct 2011 shortly before I was deployed short notice to afghan. On this tour I sustained an injury to my back which I am having continuous problems with and am now mnd temp. I have completed my pnco cadre and have passed a cft and pfa in the last year but I'm still being disallowed from wearing my rank due to being downgraded. I am in a lcpl pid at my unit so I can't see why they wont let me wear it/ be paid for it when I have jumped through all the hoops required?! Some advice would be great!


If you've completed a PFT and CFT but are getting continuous problems with your injury I'd suggest you're not ready to have your JMES upgraded.

If you are MND (T) who gave you the authority to undertake the PFT & CFT?

Promotion is not the be all & end all, your long term health is much more important and that's why you were medically downgraded. It wasn't done to stall your promotion or to **** you about.
I wasn't mnd when I completed my pfa and cft, nor when I was selected for promotion and completed the pnco course. I understand that my health is more important I just don't think I should be penalised for having an injury which I sustained on tour. I have always been fully fit previously and am finding the whole thing rather frustrating.


You may not have been MND (T) when selected for promotion and completing your course but promotion is dependant upon you maintaining the appropriate JMES which you obviously can't. If you are in a LCpl PID then it would suggest your unit are either expecting you to eventually be medically upgraded or are keeping you in your PID because they can't move you due to medical restrictions.

I would suggest you follow the advice given by your medics/physio/consultant/MO and hopefully you will improve enough to be upgraded. You also need to keep your spirits up during this time and do extra things to improve yourself such as on-line courses so your seniors and officers notice you and realise you're trying your best.

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