Promotion and CRs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SigDev_Duck, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. What's the impact of someone's CR having not been completed in time for the annual promotion board?

    Obviously, the CR won't be available as a discussion point, but is there any follow-on action, such as pointed questions about why it was not completed in the three months between the end of the reporting year and the Board?
  2. Well my CR not being done has held up my promotion. Doing my SNCO course this year - looks like I might be there as a Cpl though.
  3. Out of interest, how long does it usually take for a promotion to make its way from promotion board back to the person who was up for it? I was up for my first stripe on the May board, I realise I haven't got it this time, but was wondering what sort of turn around time they usually have?
  4. Not sure if its the same in the TA however if your CR is delayed in reaching MCM Div until after the board has sat then they convene a special board your CR gets marked in the usual way and if you score above the promotion line then you get promoted.

    To do anything else would be to career foul the individual for the incompetence of others.

    Like I say not sure how it works in the TA however I have known of RCMOs calling MCM Div to position/score of a quality individual to backbrief only to find they slipped through the system, subsequently boarded and promoted.
  5. promotions seem to be up in the air at the moment due to JPA, I know of a few who are waiting. when it will be I do not know
  6. Thanks for that CFC
  7. Took about two to three weeks for all of ours, from the board meeting & selection, manning to agree & JPA/whoever to process them.
  8. when was this??. we are being told that no promtions are possible at the moment due to JPA cockup
  9. About four weeks ago now, about 7 of us from 51(Scottish) Bde RTC went one up.
  10. Promotions in TA units are now done internally by whoever has completed the the Career Manager module for JPA. All TA units had to send at least one representative to MCM Div to complete the training. Once the internal board has sat and the person has been selected, providing there is a vacancy, the unit completes the promotion action on JPA. This is up to and including Captain. Majors are authorised at Bde and those above are done at MCM Div TA & Res Wing. I have the policy document should anyone need a copy.
  11. please could you PM it me
  12. We had a whole batch of guys promoted on annual camp at the end of June

    There didn't seem any problems beyond getting all the attendees in the same place at the same time
  13. so have JPA sorted the problems out then, i got paid from feb-june on 2nd july, and it now sounds like promos are comming through, can anyone in AGC shed any light
  14. JPA is working fine in my unit. We have no outstanding pay issues. There is a problem with anything which dates back to pre JPA go live but they are working on that. As long as the clerks input the attendance by 2200 hrs on 25 of each month you will get paid within about 4 days of that.
  15. Going back to the original question...

    Is it likely that failure to complete the CR process in time for a (TA) promotion board would be considered reasonable grounds for a formal Redress?

    How would that impact any decisions already taken by the Board?