promotion a retention incentive?

I'm sick of completely inappropriate individuals being promoted to stop them from leaving, yes, pay needs to be competative with civilian rates to retain highly trained individuals but can't we just pay individuals more rather than giving them a rank and dumping a completely useless individual on the CoC. Sometimes it seems like petualant footstamping: 'promote me or I'll leave!'
Amen brother...some buckshee 32 year old SO2 promoted for salary reasons does not fill me with confidence....
Its always been the same, someone doesn't get a good CR or misses the board and puts their notice in

Next thing, interview with the boss and promotion in the next 12 months

Or of course they get offered promotion and cannot take it because they cannot withdraw the application to leave

I know which one is better !!
the dangling of the carrot has taken place for as long as i have served (20yrs) & i highly suspect that it was firmly inplace before i joined. However that does not mean that it is right.

i totally agree that people should earn promotion regardless of trade.

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