Promotins. Whats the earliest you have ever got drunk?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by drunken_rad_op, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Now, most of us have probably been promoted at one point or another. Years ago I remember the bar being opened immediately after the promotion board was released. Now it seems to be slipping later and later in the day, if at all. What happened to celebrate or commiserate?

    I remember getting promoted from Cpl to Sgt. Best promotion drinks ever! 2 Pints in the Sgts’ Mess then into the pigs bar in Bielefeld. 3 traffic lights and a yard later and it good night from me. I swear that the whole episode lasted less that an hour. It made a bloody mess of my quilt and girlfriend’s (now wife) back coming back up later. That’s how it should be done.

    Best promotion drinks ever? I think so!!!
  2. When I was about 10
  3. Congratulations by the way.
  4. Mine had to be last year and people that know me remember the state me and my mucker got in! We were that ratted we both fell asleep during the dinner time mess meeting! We got the keys for the Sqn bar at 0910!

    Funnily enough that was in Bielefeld too!

    No more details for Opsec reasons!!
  5. Bielefeld - fond memories of drinks after a promotion board and a certain person getting decked (sparked out with one punch), laughed my c0ck off. The cnut din't deserve it (promotion that is) how many times have we heard that then?
  6. Congrats mucker...happy as **** for you. Well Done :D
  7. got told a whole 18 hrs before and was shitters when the CO dropped the bombshell! Just gutted the big lad who filled the SSM slot this time last year is somewhere hot and dusty and can't be giving it large with the port. Suffice to say he drank enough with Moon Monkey Spunk to last a decade at the start of the year! Spike if your reading buddy "GET IN YOU ******* DANCER- oooooooooOOOOOOhhhhhHHHHHHHH BOUNCY BOUNCY BOUNCY BOUNCY NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH!!

  8. I know that lad well, served with him in the first Gulf.
  9. Bielefeld again!

    Seleceted SSgt when with the Movers (Me Rad Op not Mover) after a few with the Col and RSM went over to one of the SQMS as he was on the board as well and we cracked open a bottle of port, then after NAFFI break went straight to the Cellar bar in the Mess and was there till about 6pm when the wife came in to have a drink with a few others but after taking one look at me said he needss to go home ( I was on a stool playing Shot and totally out of it) "he can't leave till he downs that last shot was shouted" so the wife duly did and carried me out to the car with help. I kept getting "Don't be sick in the Car" (I didn't) and when I got to the quarter about 4 people took me out (so I am told) carried me upstairs and tried to undress me. They got one boot off and my jumper before they said "F him". I woke up the next morning and was not well, it must have been something I ate!!!!!
  10. Sure you don't mean Comm Spec?? :twisted:
  11. No I Don't!!! I was a Rad Op and proud of it. Been out now 2 years in Jan, but was down in sunny Deepcut a few weeks back and seen the man down there who took over from me. I had the sign Comm Spec over my door before I left (my boss at the time liked the idea) and it is still there. Times change and so do the jobs we do. I though will always be a Rad Op.
  12. Congrats Drunken Comm Spec mucker!

    Got my Lance Jack on exercise, my Full screw on leave, my Sgt with the Medic's (and didn't get taken to the mess, i'm not bitter!), got my Staffy in Iraq and my WO2 on exercise! Always managed to get a drink though!