Promoting the Royal Regiment of Scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jock_sinclair, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. This question was asked in the Commons about plans to build a sense of identity in batalions of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.[url]

    I issued this challenge at the end of another post, but am reposting here as a ne topic so more see it.

    So here is a challenge. You are forming a new super regiment out of 6 old ones and 2 TA, each with colourful traditions. How would you sell it to the media, the public (esp in the recruiting area) and to soldiers seving in its various battalions around the globe?
  2. Ah, not mastered the IT yet.

    the link was

    Here is the content.

    Stewart Hosie (Dundee East, Scottish National Party) Hansard source

    To ask the Secretary of State for Defence

    (1) what steps his Department has taken to promote the identity of each of the new battalions of the Royal Regiment of Scotland;

    (2) whether he has made an estimate of the advertising expenditure his Department would require to achieve for the Royal Regiment of Scotland the same brand recognition as the Black Watch;

    (3) what the advertising budget is to promote the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

    Don Touhig (Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Veterans), Ministry of Defence) Hansard source

    No specific steps have been taken to promote the identity of the new battalions. However recruiting to the new Regiment, and its constituent battalions, is being addressed by Headquarters Recruiting Group, with new recruiting campaigns and a programme of updating recruiting literature and logos on recruiting assets.

    There has been no assessment made by the Army of the amount of advertising spend that would be required for the Royal Regiment of Scotland to achieve the same recognition as the Black Watch. The Black Watch's regimental identity has been built over 250 years, the new Royal Regiment of Scotland's identity will grow with time.

    Headquarters Recruiting Group spent £50,000 in November 2005 on press advertising to promote recruiting for the Royal Regiment of Scotland. A further £100,000 has been spent in-year updating recruiting literature, vehicles and display equipment with new titles and regimental badges.
  3. Promoting the Royal Regiment of Scotland?

    You could make it the Royal Regiment of England.
  4. Excellent, after some prodding, my MP has got his finger out and is doing something useful. :lol:

    PS, keep your eyes on hansard and other sources for a question re the MOD's policy on deducting compensation from war pensions. :wink:
  5. SO3 Paperclips - If I were you, I wouldnt joke about someone deciding to form a the Royal Regiment of England!