Promoting Shooting Sports - the Singapore way

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by lancslad, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. Recieved a gentle reminder from the range manager this morning for the weekend's "Singapore Rifle Association Family Day"...

    - Bouncy Castle – The biggest bouncy castle (Funtasica) in Singapore which measure 45” L 26”W 18”H will be able to keep your kids occupied for the whole morning.
    - Magic Show – A magic show from 1pm – 2pm in our shooter’s lounge will entertain the kids and spouses for the afternoon session.
    - Balloonist – Plenty of colourful balloons will be given away.
    - Shooting Stations – Exciting shooting stations with prizes to be given away.
    - Popcorn – Free Flow
    - Candy Floss – Free Flow
    - Food & Drinks – Free Flow

    What caught me most though was the flyer advertising the event (see photo below). Fat chance of getting away with this in the UK :D


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  2. We have family days at one of my local clubs here in the land of Clogs. Not quite on the S'pore scale but a good day out nonetheless (good bbq).
  3. Singapore never struck me as a particularly gun friendly location..

    I suspect to own anything more lethal than a popgun would involve jumping througn many hoops and the payment of prodigious amount of dosh to various agencies, (some of which may be legal...)

    ..but I may have been misinformed!
  4. Jeez these Singapore types must be small, as a 46inch Bouncy castle won't get many on.

    Had myself a small Spinal Tap Stonehenge based chuckle!
  5. You have been misinformed :D see here:

  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Much better than here, the NRA would bleed you dry in advance!
  7. ...glad to be corrected!