Promoted whilst in training?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ADking, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. I know of someone who has just passed out of phase one, and was wearing a LCPL rank slide.
  2. I am now sitting comfortably waiting for this to get interesting
  3. Imagine away.
  4. He's on the fast track scheme, if he keep's his head down then he'll be a Sgt by 22 and then WO1 by 25. After that he'll be looking at a commission.

    The dark purple beret isn't for the Para's it's for the Special Parachute Assault Zone Soldiers, they're a new regiment so most people won't know about/heard of them.
  5. Local Lance Jack perhaps? Used to do it in trade training so the instructors could have someone to bollock. Oh, and you needed someone to march you to the NAAFI. Means fuck all, though.
  6. sorry for the shitty first post, just got a bit more info, just passed out of harrogate and off to lark hill for phase 2, goin paras
    was suprised to see him wearing the lance jack rank thats all!
  7. Junior leaders did the same. Jnr LCpl, he would lose it after the passout parade before attending phase 2.
  8. I got my first after 11 months
    My second after 23 months
    And my third after 106 months :(