Promoted or not promoted that is the question?

Not sure if I am barking up the wrong tree here but as I know certain key people read this hear goes, recently on an Op tour several of my units soldiers were given POHR (substitution pay) as they filled LSNs of a higher rank. More money for the guys (most very good individuals), gave them a chance to shine etc everyone happy. :D

On return to UK, sub pay stops (no probs so far), individuals drop back to siggie money. Several of these people were expected to come off the next board (inc 1 O grader!). None of the people given sub pay did, but others in unit did (who scored below them) :evil: Whilst on tour pay statements of these individuals had them down as LCpls?

2 - 1 Entrance exam calling notice arrives in unit after board results, said individuals are on it as LCpls already? Have they come of a shadow baord, check with records who say its an admin error and remove them? Did records think they were already LCpls from the tour so did not put them on the Sig - LCpl board? All just a coincedence or have several (very good) soldiers been career fouled? :?:

Interested in views
Substitution Pay replaced POHR in Feb 98.

It doesn't necessarily follow that it comes with acting or local rank.

If their pay statements said 'LCpl', and they are actually 'Sig' then God knows what's happened! It follows that APC believe they are LCpl in fact.

Additional payments are made to individuals in their pay statements - but it details their Sub Rank on the outside.


Substitution Pay should not change the rank on a pay slip. Are you sure you have all the facts? If what you say is right you unit Adjt or RSM should be able to make sure these guys were looked at.

We had one results board come out a few years ago in my cap badge and Regiment top Sgt was not on it. Adjt called records - an admin error had left him off the board - new signal out that day promoting him. Records make errors but often make up for them too!

Good luck.
Iam sure of my facts, i followed it up as soon as I could with the 2IC.

After ringing records he was told they simply didnt make the grade and better luck next year (bearing in mind one of them was the units top signaller).

I totally agree about the sub rank on pay statements which was one of the things that made me think that records had already promoted them. Can the local RCMO find out anything?
Zorro said:
(bearing in mind one of them was the units top signaller).
Top signaller you say? Wow - he must be fcuking awesome.



If records have said they were on the board but didn't make it there is little they can do. The Sig may have been the unit to Sig this year but not made the grade over all. You can only appeal facts - i.e. being missed off the board when you were eligable of a report not making it on time which would have tipped the balance in your favour.

Good luck to those lads who didn't get it but I don't know of any just grounds to help.


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