Promoted and yet 7 months later still not wearing.

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by REME1, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. I am a REME CFN currently on my upgrader course to class 1. I cam off the bored last year whilst on tour and I have still been told im not able to wear it yet as there is no PID for me here. I took it up to the Battalion RCMO and he said I need to do a PNCO which I done about 5 years ago. I know this may have ran out but I still thought you had a year to complete a PNCO from the date you pick up. This didn't bother me at first but im missing out on a lot of money as I would have gone up another increment last month and I would have gone up another at the end of my course. I have hit a wall at the moment as I have been a maxed out CFN for 2 years already. Does anyone have any advice about this?. Thanks
  2. Do the PNCO course again as a priority student or get posted maybe?
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  3. Thank you and that is my priority at the moment doing another PNCO. Its a bit difficult at the moment thou as im on my class 1 course VM. I am then posted in August but its the fact i have missed all the opportunities through no fault of my own. Do you think i should just deal with it?
  4. Speak to your PC again. There are LCpl pids at 10 Bn and they will be vacated as upgrader courses finish. Explain the financial ramifications and politely ask if he or the RCMO could speak to Glasgow on your behalf about putting you into a new pid when one becomes available.

    Don't go down the woe is me route, you'll just look a ****. I'm sure you would have had the opportunity to impress your CoC enough to write you an SJAR that would get you promoted sooner if you'd put your mind to it.
  5. Ill do that. Cheers mate.
  6. When I was a young Cfn on my 2-1 upgraders and the only Cfn at that, I thought I'd been overlooked. Within 3 months of finishing and starting at my new unit I was a LCpl and 18 months after that I was a Cpl.

    I'd been told many times before by older and wiser men than me (but I ignored the boring old farts as they knew nothing) that sometimes promotion seemed to be slow to a particular rank but sped up to the following one. It did in my case and I hope it does in yours.

    Head down, arse up, mouth shut & crack on!
  7. On the letter stating that you were promoted, paragraph 1 would state along the lines "The attached tables give detail of those individuals provisionally selected for promotion from CFN to Lance Corporal in promotion year 2012-2013" just after the 2013 there should be a note indicator, most likely a small 1. Further down that page that note will tell you when the promotion year for your particular rank runs, in the case of LCpl to Cpl I believe it is Oct 12 to Sept 13. Find out when your promtion year runs from and too, you may find that you are still within the 12 months of that period and therefore will have to wait until a PID is vacated.

    There is also a disclaimer along with that note stating "However, there may well be occasion, within extant regulation and guidance, when substantive promotion for those selected above falls outside of the 2012/13 promotion year" so although you could go down the career foul route should you be outside the 12 months in which they are required to give you your promotion you may find this disclaimer hinders that train of thought.

    Having looked further in to this, it would appear that the promotion year for those under the rank of Sgt runs from 1 Oct - 30 Sept so unfortunately it looks like you have until Sept 30th
  8. Are upgrader cses still a posting? If so, I would imagine they would be rank ranged PIDs allowing promotion if the JCLM boxes have been ticked. If you are missing a tick, you will just have to wait to get loaded at the end of the cse. There may well even be back pay involved. Its like a free savings account!