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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by snowythesnowman, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. now can anybody really tell me why on earth the chefs had a sweeper board released 10 days prior to this years board coming out.i for one am sick and tired of people sitting in ivory towers not caring about our lives futures or careers.they dont care.look around you and see the people that are promoted year in year out .what is going on? why is this these people be allowed to do this.i think the old boy network(and i have PROOF that it exsists) should be smashed and a fairer system brought into place.its diabolicle that this carries on in this day and age.come on people we all know that it happens why should we continue to take it. i would love to hear the SO2 abc land div log comm whatever try to deny it remember power to the people

    8O hooped. mk
  2. Is English your first language?
  3. And your point is, I cannot understand what you mean!
  4. You didn't come off the board this year then?
  5. im sorry i don't understand, was you passed up on a promotion of some kind? Welcome me to my world i have 17 year olds with a reading age of about 4 in a higher postion than me at my current place of work.
  6. Did you also teach them the rudiments of the English language?


    Did you learn them how to speeel properlike?
  7. What's a sweeper board?
  8. Well give Ronald his uniform back and see if the Colonel can offer anything better then.
  9. Let's not get into that one again. :p
  10. hmm, i think from now on i shall proof read my posts.
  11. diabolicle you say something must be done!!!
  12. i understand it now... you didnt come off the board to Sgt, but I can understand WHY you didnt come off the board, maybe its as thick as that mince you are currently cooking...... harsh but fair...... :D
  13. All i can offer is tears..........................

    of laughter, that such a childish mong should whine because it appears he didn't pick up. If you need to know why - look at yourself.
  14. 1st post. Can't spell, didn't get promoted, harping on about Ivory towers....

    No one cares !
  15. well done out there.thankyou to the people who posted replies.obviously my point wasn't clear.i have answered the other problem not one person really cares about their subordinates or friends at wonder we have youngsters committing sucide or increasing levels of divorce within our forces.i thnk that 80 % of the replies were SNCOs and male . thats the problem with the subject could have been anything.once again thanks for taking part in my experiment.
    ps because you have nothing intelligent to say doesnt mean that you have to insult people to get a laugh.someone once said it is better to keep quiet and be thought a fool then open your mouth and dispel all doubt.