Prometheus - Alien for teenagers

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by sunnoficarus, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Weak plot, no build up of the story, oh look, a planet, oh look, a temple, oh look, a door, oh look, a dead alien, oh look, lets take off my helmet, oh look, I can read all their writings, oh look, I can … well, you get the sense…two dimensional stereotype characters who are just laughably dumb and unbelievable… fast paced plot is neat little digestible chunks for people with short attention spans and a mental age around 14.

    Sucks, 2/10, and the 2, that's because the special effects are pretty cool.

    And to think Ridley Scott did Alien……:-|
  2. Just to confirm is it a prequel to Alien? Or have I been misinformed
  3. Take it you didn't like it, I was disappointed too, film would have been excellent if it lived up to the trailer!
  4. No really a prequel, so many loose plot ends, its obviously been written for a sequel to follow.
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    we saw it on friday afternoon at the IMAX in waterloo.

    a brief straw poll on the way out revealed more than a few people thought it was very 'meh'.
  6. Not worth the ticket then, hmmmmmm topcat is starting to look good.
  7. I looking forward to Ridley making a complete cock of Blade Runners as well, it's all a bit Richard Branson without the government bungs.
  8. I was looking forward to this but I might give it a miss now.

    I had the distinct pleasure of watching a 70mm print of Alien in Southampton some years ago now and it was easily the best cinematic experience of my life.
  9. I'm pretty disapointed this hasn't turned out to be pretty good, the franchise has a lot of potential but they seem to be on a mission to **** it up any chance they get. I eagerly await 2016 in the hope they re release Aliens in the cinema.
  10. Prometheus apparently not a direct prequel, just "takes place in the same Universe".
  11. I swear to **** Hollywood would make a sequel to the bible....

    Let me guess, instead of a really solid and deep script, it will feature lots of CGI action, car chases and explosions with improbable acrobatics, and the cast will all be A list beautiful people with not a one over 30.
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  12. The Blade Runner film is apparently a direct sequel and the original book on which it was based (Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?) was apparently always intended to be expanded into 3 films.

    They have the original screenplay writer on board from Blade Runner, and Ridley Scott is on board, so the potential is there for it to be good.

    The trouble is Scott seems incapable of leaving his own legacy alone. A bit like how Lucas has fiddled with the original Star Wars beyond all recognition. The changes are invariably for the worse :(
  13. Somebody must have been noshing you at the time.
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  14. Were that so I'd have probably pissed in her mouth with fear*.

    *Not fear at being noshed.
  15. Going against the general consensus I enjoyed it.