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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by General_Layabout, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. Is there a award for posting comments? Or liking others posts. PigGunner has been here for less than six months has nearly two and a half thousand posts and god knows how many likes. Is he after an award or just a bored Aussie with nothing better to do? :)
  2. Unemployed Aussie but to be fair he must say some funny things. Give me a shout if he does.

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  3. Hey, steady on. He 'likes' my work.

    Does that make me a bad person?
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  4. pig gunner rocks, anyone who can find time to post whilst being chased by crocs and every animal is venomous gets my vote!!!
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  5. Who fucking cares?
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  6. So I'm a chatterbox. Sue me.

    What's with starting personal attack threads anyway? Oddbod said it all.
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  7. Aye but he'll be a bit quiet when the Aussies lose the ashes :)
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  8. You have fuck all to say and you say it far too often.

    You cunt.
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  9. I'll sulk for a while mate, but it's only the first test. ;P

    As if I give a black rat's arse about what YOU think spaz. You're only on here to say 'cunt' as frequently as you possibly can.
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  10. I love PigGunner, he's my mate. Don't fuck with either of us, you muppets.
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  11. Shup, you short arsed dog's dick dragger.:dwarf:
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  12. I don't know why people have a problem with PigGunner. He's civilised (well, for an Aussie) he doesn't troll and he is funny on occasion.

    Perhaps the OP would like to lay down a MPPD (maximum posts per day) limit? If he gets his own website I'm sure he will.
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  13. My couldn't give-a-fuck-o-meter is almost registering minus figures.
    Who gives a shit what anyone else does in their own time?
    If you don't like it, don't fucking read it ffs.
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  14. Seems you have two things to say, having added "cunt" to your "cock" repertoire.

    What are you doing out on your own anyway?
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  15. Don't worry about the few fleas on here little pup. Fousands of freds on here and they have nothing better to do than stir shit for their own enjoyment.

    90% of blokes/blokesses on here post the way the site was designed for, but the random few don't bother us in the least mate. At least Steven Seagull is amusing with his abusing repartee. Some of the others sometimes may say something amusing or interesting (I gave Badger_Heed a 'like' the other day for an amusing piece of 'in joke' abuse), and the others that like to spout 'cock' or 'cunt' without so much as even putting it in a sentence are just confirming their lack of basic intelligence.

    My total disdain for 'political correctness' may get up a few noses, but there was no such thing when I was growing up.
    I am neither racist nor sexist, just have a total irreverent sense of humour. Was discussing this exact thing with a good mate yesterday. He can't believe how people can get 'offended' about a joke.

    The relatives of that nurse that offed herself because of a radio joke are now planning to sue. Really? She was going to cunt herself sooner or later anyway. Must have heard a million similar radio 'gags' over the years with people targeted getting the joke. How were the DJ's supposed to know this particular nurse was already tip-toeing around on broken glass? Bad bloody luck love!

    Now we come to the whole point. The world is slowly becoming humourless and dark. If anyone has noticed, I mostly gravitate to the humour side of this site and sometimes may have a serious point to put forward. I don't care what anyone else posts, I reply if I think it is worth a reply, and I 'like' it if I think it's worth a 'like'. Nothing more/nothing less.

    To the posters that don't like my posts, then fucking ignore them! Or even better still, stick me on your 'ignore' list. No skin off my nose. General_Layabout must have just been knocked back on a headjob so decided to pick a phantom online punch-up. No skin off my nose there either, I certainly haven't been tap-dancing on his toes.
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