Give "nukes" to the Arabs, and they WILL use them on each other!! ------ Does this woman want to start a nuclear war? ----- Go back to looking after your family my dear. (Im sure Bill could do with a good blow job!!)
So in order to contain the spread of nuclear weapons within extremist Islamic circles she's going to arm Saudi?

It makes you weep, it really does...
Far be it from me to in anyway apply the brakes to a potentially very fast and enjoyable outrage bus, but where exactly, in that extract, or anywhere does the wife of the manwhore actually say that the US will give other countries nuclear weapons?
Well, Saudi Arabia is already a defacto nuclear state and have 80 or so CSS-2 IRBM's in silos sans nuclear warheads.

They bankrolled Pakistans nuclear programme. However,although Saudi Arabia has no nuclear warheads for these missiles, (and large ballistic missiles without a nuke on the pointy end are pretty useless), our Pakistani friends have warheads that by happy hapstance also fit the CSS-2 and some sources believe the warheads are in reality just a phonecall and plane ride away.
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