Proletarians... sorry... Spies of All Lands, Unite!


Delegations from 83 secret services and law enforcement agencies of 57 states take part in a session, which opened in Irkutsk on Wednesday, Russian FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov said.

The eighth session of heads of secret services and law enforcement agencies discusses fight against terrorism, including in internet web space.

“Partners from Brazil, Vietnam, India and the Philippines have joined us for the first time this year,” Bortnikov said. “The executive director of the U.N. Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate, Mike Smith, as well as the chairmen of two committees of the U.N. Security Council also participate,” he added.
bullet_catcher said:
I suppose there's no chance of them using the opportunity to take over the world.
Who knows, Catcher, who knows... Father Bush, mr.Putin... Who they were?

If spy community would unite then they could help each other to push their men to power. Files collected by FSB about American politicians could be very helpfull (and American laws would not be violated).

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