Prolapsed Disk c5/C6 advice

After two previous episodes of radiating pain in my left arm, I've now been diagnosed with a suspected prolapsed disc around C5/C6 in my neck. Woke up one morning after a heavy work out in the gym the day before about 5 weeks ago in terrific pain. I'm currently having physio, and have been seen by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and have subsequntly been referred for an MRI scan, and consultation with the spinal injuries unit at my local MDHU.

While the pain is manageable, it’s with me constantly. It does appear to be subsiding and is not as acute as when it started.

I know that in many cases this type of injury will heal in time, and only about 10% actually require surgery. My question is, has anybody ever suffered with a similar injury and used the military health care system for treatment and/or needed eventual surgery? If so, what are their experiences?


I had this, and it took my left arm out, I was out of action for 6 months, I had Phsyio, pain killers, and I found that the only relief I could get from the pain, was Acupunture I used to have it done by the Phsyiotherapist,, 5 to 7 needles in my neck shoulder and arm and hand, took the pain away 75% and lasted for 2 to 4 days,,,,but that was all NHS They too looked at surgery, but decided not to, its ok now, but it was a long painful job....I certainly, have never known pain like it....

As for sleeping, this may work for you then again it may not, but I could only get any comfort with my arm raised up and behind and above my head with two pillows,, try it if you aint already....good luck, I know what your going through and I wouldnt want to go there again you have my sympathy's.. :cry: :(
Beachloaf, thanks for your reply.

I must say, my (military) physio has been fantastic and is currently giving me acupuncture. I must say I'm surprised at how well its working, despite my initial scepticism. Pain and discomfort are my constant companions :(

Like you, I’ve found that sleeping with my arm above my head is the best position to get comfortable before going to sleep and to prevent waking up with a dead arm!

I know I’m in for the long haul!.... :cry: :cry: - hope its gets better without surgery!

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