Projector help needed

Decided to read the manual, guess your are fecked. Page 18 says "if you forget your PIN code the projector can no longer be started. Consult your dealer".
While I'm not familiar with this particular model, I can tell you that some projectors have a watch-type battery inside to keep track of settings, in some cases the PIN.

One I worked on a while back (a SHARP I think) reset itself to the factory setings after I removed the battery for half an hour. The factory default PIN for your model seems to be 1234.

Of course, whether you want to take it to bits is entirely your decision!

(Did anyone spot the abdication of responsibility there??)

cheers for the link, alas i have already downloaded and read it.
unfortunately the guy i bought it off is now on holiday and unreachable for the next 2 weeks. (i'm just being impatient)

Sauce Doctor

if i wasn't so sure i'd screw it completely by removing the cmos i would try that :D tried the factory defaults no joy
I know this is a long shot (and you've already put it back together!), but did you spot anyhing that looks like a CLEAR CMOS jumper? You'd be surprised how many things have something of this ilk. Sometimes its just two spots on the PCB with a label.

Wireless burglar alarms, some microwave ovens and car engine management systems have them.

Or you could wait for the seller to get back, of course!
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