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Every time I see someone come out of the BCs office, CR in hand, they always talk about how they need to project themselves more, get some, and I hate this cliché, face time and do something "regimentally" to get themselves noticed. What happened to the good old days when you were good at your job and gained promotion that way? Does an NCO, junior or senior, have to kiss arse or buy a computer for his CO to get that beloved promotion. Before I get any cynical replies, no, I havent been passed over for promotion and as I have only four years left dont really give a toss one way or the other. It just grips my shít that good blokes get overlooked because they are outspoken or they leave the mess earlier than the rest.
I know plenty of "social" WO2's who are where they are through their socialising ability because they are, how can I put this, thick as a whale omelette.
Lets start promoting guys on merit again, not because they can drink until six in the morning and help the RSM to bed!!
stiflers_mom said:
What happened to the good old days when you were good at your job and gained promotion that way?
I'm not being cynical, but when exactly were these halycon sunlight days? In a profession which attracts a great many quality people (and yes, some utter to$$ers), it is incumbent on the dashing and the thruster to elevate themselves above everyone who is also top drawer.

I agree that arrse kissing for its own sake is utterly vomit inducing. I had a BSM once who made all the Gunners stag on over the weekend to paint the BC's office (a top chap by the way). The BSM felt that he needed to use others to get himself elevated above the other BSMs - strange way of doing it IMHO. We all got our revenge by painting 'The BSM is a fat ******' in grey paint before covering with a magnolia (what else) top coat. In the morning, the BC throws open his door accompanied by greasily smiling BSM....This idiot was eventually sacked for attemting to get the Battery to mutiny....

I had another BSM who thought the best way to get himself noticed was to take a bottle of wine he'd procured on leave, round to the CO's house. He put on a tweed suit, coupled it to a white panama and set off through the patch. The CO was overheard at coffee calling him 'that ridiculous little man'. I guess the BSM got his wish - well, he was noticed all right... :)

Let them do what they want s_m - they usually do themselves more harm than good!
Now I am a civi (and have been for a while) That sentiment is all I hear, 'If you want to get on, be seen, raise your profile, blah blah bl....' It is very much a case of crap floating to the top as the ones who are most in the limelight get the gucci postings...
As I would tell my SNCOs, if you are good at your job you will get a B, maybe a B+ as that is what the standard is.

If you want that elusive "A" then do something that will ensure the CO knows your name and associates you with success, effort etc etc.

The problem is that most are good at the nine to five (if not you will stand out like a bulldog's bollox) so that is not the way to get a top grade CR.

Make sense?

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