Project X

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by studentfeckwit, Jan 8, 2008.

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    What's this lot all about? Can't make out if they're a bunch of secretive überwalts or just collect old Army kit and delude themselves that they're something they're not.
  2. "We are now accepted as the Signals Unit for several of the top named German Re-enactment Groups in this country and attend their events even being invited to join in on the battlefield during the re-enactments."

    Site says they are a Signals Unit that attaches themselves to other German units.

    "ich möchte sechs große Pizzas gefalle" *

    *bad german, but you get the idea
  3. My favourite part of "Project X" has to be:

    "The growing of a new Male or Female body using your own D.N.A. for the transfer of your brain"

    These guys are amaaaaayyyyy----zing!
  4. thats nothing.

    Like the actual wehrmacht they also have a discount computer dept.
  5. You're not..... erm.... one of "them" are you? Any chance I could join as I'm out now and really miss playing with GPMG's.......

  6. There are walt threads for all this sort of thing
  7. True, but I'm not QUITE fat enough yet, but believe me, I'm working on it!

    Cheers [hic!] !!