"Project Westminster" - Fact or Fiction?

Any one out there have any, and I do mean ANY, information about Project Westminster and the supposed all singing, all dancing database (at least we assume its a database of some description) that is going to be used to do all of the previously paper based admin within the ACF.

At the minute our HQ (affectionately known as puzzle palace) attempt to escape up their own ********* any time someone mentions it and the only useful information has been gleaned from the SCC website (I still feel dirty after looking at it!).

On a positive note a number of our more experienced (read elderly) ruperts are using this as an opportunity to spread disinformation and create dissention in the ranks which is spreading like a pack of fags in a room full of cadets.
oh good god, not another desk wallah system for them to make a hash of
and lets face it like there needs to be an excuse to spread dissention among the ranks ..........................
the rumour mill of the puzzle palace does however take some beating especially when circulated by well placed stool pigeons........have you thought up a good duty rumour for this years camp ?
Word from the Death Star (Sector HQ) is that the only people with write access, outside of the Death Star, will be Group/Coy OC. All the rest will get read access. Not much use, they want to use it for cadet records and star passes.

Also heard the rumour that it doesn't link to JPA, so they can't do pay and expenses through it.

Duty Rumour - Due to JPA, we won't be getting paid at Annual Camp. Money will be paid in Feb 08. (only kidding, should read Feb 09)

Spread the word Static.
priceless freddie no pay till feb 08
and a total pay review in line with TA rank equivalent pay structure,I can see the gums bashing allready ,and my personal favourite the whole sector is to rebadge to the grenadier guards as per the new Hon Col I will begin sowing the seeds this weekend.......................muuuhaaaahhaaaaa
we are getting paid at annual, lower ranks first.

all i know is none of the old systems link up. so no data can be transfered eletronically

and anyone can have access. what you have access to depends on your level of password.



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It can't be as funny as the spacey version, everyones got ISDN lines in, modems bought etc.........no ruddy system!
Just do it all via normal email as it's being done now= result

And ruddy cheaper
Fus chic ,

Due to nutty amount of units the NW sector may change back to being a battalion/coy orbat easier to organise etc don't know about you lot dan sarrf.
Flyingrockdj said:
It can't be as funny as the spacey version, everyones got ISDN lines in, modems bought etc.........no ruddy system!
Just do it all via normal email as it's being done now= result

And ruddy cheaper
What a load of bollocks.

Project Westminster cost approx £500,000, and was done by Oracle.
Project Bader cost jack shit, and was done by me, a freelance IT consultant.

No one has ISDN lines. ADSL is not ISDN.

No ruddy system? We went live with 170 units 4 weeks ago.

I attended several Westminster briefings last year. Westminster was due to go live in October 2006. Why the 8 month delay? Bader was due to go live in April 2007. I was 4 weeks late.

Westminster consists of a database.

Bader consists of a database which is more comprehensive than Westminster. We have our own email server, providing each and every unit and HQ with their own @aircadet.org email address. We also have Microsoft Sharepoint, a document management and collaboration system which hosts all of our publications and communications. google Sharepoint to find out more.

We also have MS SQL Reporting services in place allowing people to generate any reports that they like from the base data.

We also have electronic examinations using kit that is used in schools. Cadets sit together infront of a set of questions projected onto the wall and use handsets with buttons a to g on them, and choose their answer.

We are already looking into future developments such as providing electronic ID cards which hold the cadet record.

What amused me was that at a meeting on 19th June last year, when the Westminster team were trying to persuade us to pay to get in on their project, they told us that they didn't see logging of flying as being important, and they could add that in for us about 6 month after they went live, at a cost.

So lets see. Westminster started about 12 months in advance of Bader, went live 1 month after, and has only a small part of what we achieved, for the cost of £500k+ to our nothing.


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As a freelance IT consultant you did all this work for free?
RealyNo I'm interested as I have some data transfer that needs doing and as you dont charge


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And all this connecting and computers and the like and the handsets for these exams they're all free are they?

My arse they are

Westminster costs include the hardware and software and the consultancy fees all in the open not hidden in other costings or fees disguised as VRT pay.

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