Project to Dig up Falklands Battle sites

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by oldbaldy, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    TV project to dig up Falklands battle sites - TV reviews -

    Looks like someone it after some cheap publicity!!!
  2. An idea worthy of Princess Productions.
  3. What are they going to find apart from some old ration packs,empty cases and the odd uxo?
    Pretty sure anything interesting has either rotted away or been picked up.
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    True, every unit going down since 82 has walked every battlefield.
  5. It sounds "too soon", but in reality, I don't think people would have had issues with battlefield investigation of WWII sites in 1975, which would be the equivalent.
    I actually think the conflict has been well covered over the years, and would expect little surprising to come to light, but as a matter of principle I don't see a major issue.
  6. As long as they do not find/tamper with any human remains, I don't see there being much outcry about the actual archaeology, the problem will lie with the politics.
  7. What if they find the bodies of all those American mercenaries we "slotted"?
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  8. well if there taking along the argy's i would expect nothing less than a mass grave full of people with bullet holes in there leg bones ot be discovered, and of course covered by tv cameras only after the uncovering of such a heanous thing took place, its not like people havent been trying to proove since the war ended that such underhanded tactics took place even though no less than 5 independant judicial reviews took place in the first 10 years after the war and countless other "fact finding missions" have happened in the interveaning years untill presnt day.

    much as i believe the efforts of the team behind the idea could in all reality cast a nice positive boost in awareness of what happened i am extreamly sceptical about the idea of including any argy's in the matter and do wonder about the motivation of any that would actually agree to do the job, never mind the fact that it would be the perfect excuse to sail a nice big cargo ship cramed to the rafter with troops and gear over to the islands and start a rematch especially since they have been openly agitating towards such a thing for years and have recently started harassing vessels in the area.
  9. What would be the point? What are they going to actually find out? The battle was extremely well documented. Those who took part are mostly still alive. If he really wants to find out about Goose Green then all he needs to do is gather together the surviving oc's, platoon commanders and get them to walk him through the battle field.
  10. I know where they could dig up a top secret radar that absolutely no-one knows about - well apart fro the REs Crabs and locals - they could make up a whole show of 'shock discoveries' especially when they find out half the stencilling on the kit is in Afrikaans - how the South Africans secretly aided the British etc....*

    *the real story is a lot duller but that shouldn't get in the way
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  11. dont tell me it was being shipped from one arms dealer to another via the falklands and the raf plane was a little heavy on aproach so they kicked it out the back before attempting landing ?
  12. Even duller than I mean much more exciting and covert showing secret....discovery that will change history...and our understanding of the war...or not

    ...and sleep
  13. <<Spotter mode on:

    The "Official" Battlefield Tours were run 4 times a week, sometimes the Boss would run one on a Saturday (which was always a blessing for us because it meant we could sit on the internet and buy completely useless stuff from Amazon with our hangovers, in peace). Anyone could go into the Education Centre and get copies of the script and run their own though. I don't know if Puttees has still got the stuff I gave him, but it was a long time ago now, and he's probably forgotten.

    Also, sometimes, we'd arrange for a "Guest Speaker" to come out and give a presentation. The time that the chap who was a Plt Sgt in the Paras in 1982 literally filled one of the classrooms, it was standing room only - and for once - it was actually a warm day!!!

    So, considering in the 6 months I was there, about 80 to a 100 people trampled over the place in a week - if not more, I don't think there'd be many shiny things to salvage.

    Spotter Mode off>>
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  14. There are some very positive reasons for looking at the Op Corporate battlefields from an archaeological point of view. There is a lot we do not know about military history. Richartd Holmes used to talk about how difficult it was to get a picture of what happened - and quoted examples from his research for Dusty Warriors.

    The battles of the Falklands are recent enough to be well documented with access to veterans. They take place on ground which hasnlt been previously fought over. Unlike, say the battles of the western front, finds of bullets and cases wiull be from a unique action. It is one of the places to establish a baseline of the difference between the battle reconstructed by hisatorical methids and the "forensic evidence" of archaeology.

    I am sure that TV publicity is part of the deal, and TV has its own agenda. However, Tony Pollard is one of the best battlefield archaeologists and there is some merit in looking a\t what the archaeology can add to the story.
  15. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Result, if they find me pet rock (Eric) attached to a clasp knife & lanyard and me Regt Zippo number rank and name on it, in a Trench on Sussex mountain please return it. i.ll even cover the Postage.
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