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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Guy, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Guy


    Hi Everyone,

    I hope I have posted this in the right place! I'm sorry if its not and I cause offence.

    My name is Guy and I am a final year engineering student from the University of Nottingham. I was wandering if any of you would be able to help me by giving me your first hand experiences? I am currently looking at redesigning and improving the ammunitions box.

    At the moment I have an old H83 ammo box but the project will extend into many variations and differing sizes.


    However the main point is bringing it up to the 21st century, just like the weapons of today.

    To do this I really need user input from people like you who have had first hand experience using an ammunitions box in real life. Whats good, bad, where you think improvements need to be made etc. This can be anything from how easy it is to run with or what you use it for once it is empty? Unfortunately my experiences only extend to a few years in the CCF!

    Any experiences you can give me about any type of ammuntions box would be extremely helpful.

    Thank you for your time :)
  2. It has to be practically indestructable, waterproof and reusable. And most importantly they have to be easy to open (The British Army doesn't need another Isandlwana). If you could make a lighter that would be a bonus. Oh and make the carrying handle round so its easier to carry a couple of them in each hand more comfortably but still allow the box to pack flat underneath other ones. I believe it is a NATO standard design.
  3. Guy


    The box I have is currently at 2.54kg but a gross full weight of 17.2kg so I can understand that a weight saving would be a real benefit! I also have MOD regulations concerning its durability etc so I can ensure a better ergonomic handle will still comply to them.

    How easy have you found it to open with the current hinge type mechanism? Also, what do you do with them once they have been emptied?
  4. Opening the hinge - very easy.
    Once empty - usually back in stores. What happens after that I have no idea but it looks like they get re-used. The round L109 Grenade tins usually get dished out to whoever wants them. The 5.56, 40mm & 7.62 Cans go back. A Lot of the ammo now comes in those breakable wooden pallets.
  5. Guy


    Thanks for your help. Thats really helpful! So does the ammunition come in ammo boxes within those wooden crates or is it 'loose' ammo which then refills the returned ammo boxes? Or both?

    I'm guessing returning the ammo boxes would be during training? So how are the ammo boxes used on real operations? Is it a case of loading up before hand or taking the ammo within the boxes with you and then leaving the empties behind? I guess that could depend on the length of the operation.
  6. Those ones make excellent saucepans for boil in the bags.
  7. That is the only reason why we don't go over to something silly like plastic. The used ones sometimes become the tool kit holders for the rovers and other green fleet. I have seen H83's turned into radios with old car stereos and a set of speakers. This was in the days before IPODS.
  8. Or can be filled with large smooth pebbles, water, socks and soap powder and work as washing machines bouncing in the back of a Mastiff while you do admin runs.
  9. If you could design some means of shedding that irritating wire tie without kicking it about the bottom of a sangar whilst looking for a combi tool or bayonet Id be most grateful.

    The design is long standing and unchanged primarily because its near on perfect for its task. - Ill be surprised what you find to change in it, or indeed if you find anything to change in it.
  10. Guy


    Thanks for all your replies. I know I have a challenging project on my hands! Could I ask again the procedure for using these on real operations? Do you take them with you and then leave them behind?

    As you mention about them having after-life functions I was wandering if you could think of anything else they might be useful for? If they were changed slightly is there something you could imagine it being really useful in helping you do?
  11. No good soldier leaves anything behind if he can help it.
  12. The wood crated stuff comes in BAE Systems waterproof bags. Inside those bags are 20 Rd Boxes of loose. They take ages to bomb up.The stuff that comes in the tins is either Bandolier (if its 5.56) or Link if its 7.62. These are a lot easier to bomb up as they come on clips.
  13. Agreed 100%. However Isn't your combi tool in your top right hand pocket?
  14. It is in my top right pocket, which the Ubacs cleverly places on a sleeve which is inaccessible to your left hand when wearing osprey, hence kicking the box repeatedly is better - more stress relieving if time consuming activity that trying to dislocate your right wrist getting at your own bicep.......

    .... You know its true!
  15. Would it be helpful if you designed them to clip together like lego bricks?

    I'm currently only a civvie but I've got one of the boxes in my room that I use to keep important documents in, they weigh a fair bit even when empty, but I imagine that lighter materials with the same strength are going to be too expensive for the MoD to buy.