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Project Sunshine!

Have just seen in a latest Mens weekly an article about a GAY-BOMB. American scientists were and possibly still are working on "Project Sunshine"

If Mascara and eye shadow start appearing in the QM Stores start worrying! ( Having said that, thats where they will stay imsure.)

Sorry if this has been posted before.



lol... GAY BOMB... could you imagine it... just lining some jundi up in yer sights and he shouts koooooo weeeeeeeee hello there ... winking at you running after you with his chicken in his hand... if thats not enough to flatten the foooker I dunno what is...

Then again the pink mafia are out in force every saturday night in most towns in the UK why dont we just put them all in a regiment to attack and bugger the enemy into submission
if this gay bomb works, we'll all be buggered into submission
The Iraqis bugger each other silly, anyway.

If we dropped it there, how would we know if it works? :?
we could drop in on france to test it, then again?!?!.....................................what about germany

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