Project Reality v1.0 Released

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by AlphaKennyThing, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Project Reality v1.0 was finally released a few days ago, and after digging out my copy of BF2 and getting up and running, I have to say this mod has come a very very long way since its early releases.

    For those who didn't read BrunoNoMedal's review on the 0.95 build of the mod, a fair amount has changed, and the game now looks (and acts) like a standalone game, including a new front end which looks awesome.

    Mumble, the positional VOIP software, is now fully integrated in to PR, allowing for local positional chat, to squad comms, right the way to individual squad to squad communications. It works a treat.

    I've been playing it over the last few days and I've been having a great time - about as far away from Call of Duty as a shooter can get, and anyone who finds themselves after some great teamwork online would do well to download it and get it going.

    Main noticeable differences straight away are the introduction of 100 player servers, and 8 man sections, how they should be. This means in one game you can have two or three infantry sections, and all the necessary support squads including transport helicopters, armoured crews, mortar crews and CAS pilots. All of this comes together in a game to provide a very tactical and teamwork-based game.

    Best game so far for me has to have been on a map called Ramiel, which is a reproduction of the Mogadishu battle between US Rangers/Delta Force and the local militia made famous by Black Hawk Down. Playing as the US, in a team of mostly US players, I've never played a game where things have gotten so desperately difficult, where real brains and sheer teamwork have been vital to getting from A to B without issues. Relying on the Little Bird choppers above to let us know where player-controlled militia mobs were moving was stressful at best. Absolutely awesome.

    A big well done to the dev team. Get playing!

    Project Reality: Realistic Gaming Redefined

    What you will require (installed in this order):
    1. Retail copy of Battlefield 2 (available on Steam if required).
    2. Battlefield 2 v1.41 Patch
    3. Battlefield 2 v1.50 Patch
    4. Project Reality v1.0 Mod

    Quite a hefty list of downloads there, nearly 10GB worth, so set it off and go watch something.

    5. When the game launcher comes up after install, go to Options > PR Mumble tab > Launch and go through the audio wizard. This game really cannot be played effectively without voice comms to your squad/team. Think of trying to do a section attack for real whilst everyone is silent.
    6. Play!
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  2. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    That's my day sorted.

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  3. So I need to find my old copy of BF2?
  4. Yep, install it, install patch 1.41, then install patch 1.50.

    Download Project Reality v1.0 from the site in the original post, and off you go.

    Once you get the game launcher up, be sure to go into Options, over to the last tab called PR Mumble and configure your mic. It's essential when playing this game.
  5. Added all the download links for convenience.
  6. Project reality has always been a great game, however I fear now with the age of the BF2 engine that the mod looks a bit dated.

    They were working on a version for ArmA 2 however I am not sure how that progressed.
  7. Indeed, there's no getting round the fact that BF2 is getting on for a decade old now. However, the gameplay and emersion of the mod lends to lessen the impact of this. I know there's still a few surprises in the works that will keep PR BF2 a lively mod for the next release at least.

    PR ArmA2 is an ongoing project, and has had a number of public releases. It's still very much in it's infancy but still taking shape and looks great. There's plenty of official videos on the Reality Mod youtube channel ( of the footage and gameplay.

    Glad you are enjoying PR ;)