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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by guitar_playa08, May 29, 2008.

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  1. As an added thread to Battlefield 2 ABA Clan thread, if you have tried and tested this mod, show us your screenshots here which will also help encourage more people to get online on this amazing piece of software.

    Heres a picture of a group of ABA clan members at a Rally Point planning for an offensive on the enemy position:

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  2. Did I forget to mention they also have recreated the british army vehicles to name a few:

    Challenger 2
    Apache WAH
    Land Rover

    and also now you have compass at lower screen, as you can also see you cannot see how many rounds are left in your mag, you have to remember or count shots, it shows how many mags, and your firing mode.

    Also the only way you know health is minimal is when your soldier starts coughing and stumbling about the place and bleeding out (field dressings are for stopping bleeding out but wont fully heal you)

    And finally as you can guess, these maps are HUGE you certainly wouldnt want to take a walk round these maps so planning insertion zones, extractions/LZ's etc. is critical to operating efficiently in an online operation.
  3. can you Play In British Kits (DPM Woodland, Desert L85A2 etc) In the maps already set like the Chinese one with the Nucclear reactors or operation Clean Sweep???
  4. the screen shot, that apears to be dpm does it not?
  5. the picture of an arm holding the gat??? :roll:

    And since when did we sport a woodland pattern?? :x
  6. Aww leave the poor wee cadet alone. :roll:
  7. Doesnt DPM stand for Distruptive pattern material, so then it is followed by Woodland or Desert?

    My S95's Say Distruptive pattern material - Woodland?
  8. Wow, how exciting you're making it sound. :eek:
  9. Well some people do get excited very quickly over small (sad) things :)
  10. lol to answer the very simple question yes you can wear either green kit or deserts but unfortunately you can't join because your a wee cadet :D
  11. But Technically Im still in the Forces right?
  12. Do you have an Army number?
    Even OTC have an Army number :)

    Project Reality is a pretty good mod right now, but its still Beta (version 0.75). It suffers slightly from a lack of maps, but the ones that are around are excellent to play on and provide you with hours of fun.
  13. Wah surely....
  14. But ive got an Air Forcef number?