project reality mod problem help required plz

hi folks

i have downloaded the bf2 mod ,it loads everything till you get to loading complete verifying just when you actually start the game ie teams and weapons and stuff........then desktop????

game gone with the desktop normal no blue screen no freezing no warning no more game??

Any ideas ,its with different servers and the desert mod doesnt work now

Thanks in advance
What graphics card are you using? You might want to make sure your on the lastest drivers as well.

I had this problem with vanilla BF2 , installed another GB of RAM and then it ran fine, STD crashes are more often than not something to do with your hardware not meeting requirements.

Edit: Oh , you might want to try uninstalling any other mods/custom player/weapon skins you have downloaded as well , as these can often conflict - happened to me a while ago . Bar that a good old fashioned reinstall , then patch , then install the mod ( although i wouldnt fancy that , what with the masses of patches out there for BF2)
As civi_git said, turn your graphics down a bit first. PR is resource hungry and takes a lot to run. Make sure your running the current release and not the BETA version aswell.

Make sure BF2 is patched to 1.41.
No, do not un-install other mods...

You need to

1 - get the latest drivers, install and re-boot your PC.

2 - Like Strima told you, turn the GFX right down and build them up

3 - Perhaps (although not usually needed) re-patch 1.4 over BF2
Hey guys, thanks for providing advice to the original poster :)

The main cause of CTDs to new users of PR tends to be the user trying to play the SinglePlayer maps. These maps are NOT supported 'as standard' with 0.6 - it IS 0.6 you are running and the BF2 1.41 patch installed?

You must update your install manually to enable the singleplayer side of things. Pretty easy to do if you follow the instructions, and we are looking into producing an installer in the mid-term future to ensure it's that little bit easier again :)

You can read up on it here:

You can grab the files needed to play SP here:

I take it you are running XP? here's the default installation Help page:

If you need any more help, feel free to ask :)
Ive downloaded this mod and its bloody fantastic. I was getting board with the original BF2.

Where are the A10's, Harriers and Apache's?

I cant find any of the above. Anyone able to help?

Yeah PR is wicked mod if you want the A10 go on the biggest map its on there.

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