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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Boxy, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. I've got in my possession a packing list with the above title.
    I'm probably well behind the times has done away with the 'first line' (carried on you), 'second line' (carried in belt/assault order) and 'third line' (bergan) and replaced them with immediate 1-3 (osprey, belt and daysack) and support 1- 2 (bergan and black hold all, deployment bag? Per fire team.

    It looks to be very Herrick centric, what I'm wondering is has it been taken up at all or was it allowed to die a death?
    Has/is anyone used or using this system?

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  2. Both junior and senior Brecon are done with Osprey...
  3. On the mobile to a mate at the moment, he finished Seniors today.....they wore Osprey!

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  4. It's fairly likely that this system will be in place in Brecon for a while as it was developed by a senior instructor there. It seems to be very reliant on a good (read better than normal) low level G4 chain so time will tell as to how it is taken up.
  5. Yea its a "fight light" policy. Rather than carting round every bit of shite in your webbing and daysack, the kit you carry is tailored to the op you are doing. I was on juniors when they first introduced it. In theory it is good however people didn't really know how to employ it in the kit checks etc so didn't get done rigidly.

    We went with wet and warm kit (jumper/Norwegian) in webbing. If daysack carried only mission essential kit carried in there. No pouches on the side - stopped blokes filling them and carrying pointless crap.

    This worked for the riflemen, however commanders were still heavy. It is good and ownership is put on the commander to carry out an estimate as to what kit to be carried/ dropped mission dependant.
  6. So is this SOP now at IBS and do you think the idea will spread beyond there??IE has it gone beyond being just a trial/concept??
  7. Can anyone PM me the IBS packing list? My unit's list is draconian to say the least. Obviously, everyone is moving into contingency blah, blah, blah...

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  8. Call one of the Divs at IBS. They have a full powerpoint presentation explaining the logic, thinking and research behind it, and how to use it properly.

    'Contingency' shouldn't be an excuse for the few (and they fcuking know who they are) to start packing belt kit with tat and start suggesting 'you should be able to live from your belt kit for 24 hours'... and by live mean full rat pack(s), spare laces, boot cleaning kit and wash kit, flask, etc, etc.

    I look back at the sh1te carried in my '58 and shudder.

    Basically, look at what you carry and why. Ensure your kit can easily be separated to allow you to reduce weight or swiftly increase kit as necessary.
  9. Does anyone have a copy of this presenation and notes I can read ?
  10. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    KM, if you have DII, it was available on the Army Knowledge Exchange site. There was a thread on it in the (old) forums, which should still be archived, and I think it may have been posted into the Battlebox as well.

    Whether or not it is fully adopted (it should have a reasonable chance given that it's sponsored by IBS and is being used to train all Juniors and Seniors) it's a very welcome effort to address elements of the weight / mission command problem ourselves, rather than just waiting for Defence scientists to discover UltraLightium or for David Cameron to personally sign off on each patrol wearing light order instead of full Chobham armour.
  11. Sadly not......Stuck at a Platoon TAC/ARC with no DII terminal after wainting 6 months to move for the DII team to fit terminals.....
  12. PM me.I can send it on.
  13. Finally got to read the Presenation and various notes on AKK and one thing struck me. It does sound, in some parts, very close to the way I was taught how G4 would work in the field in terms of the movement of personel kit forward and back as required. Including the grip left with the SQMS/CQMS from which clean clothing could be extracted by you and dirty clothing sent back for cleaning....wheel reinvented time I think....
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  14. As said - it will work if the G4 link is working correctly.

    If not the whole thing collapses.

    The yanks have tried the fight light system with ALICE.

    They no longer use it - and they have a better G4 chain!