Project Manager - Comms Integration and Testing


1      Requirements
1.1.1        The requirement is for personnel with DCIS expertise in all aspects of Quality Assurance, including testing and planning, to work full-time in Brussels, BE, with travel to support meetings in The Hague, NL , and other locations.
1.1.2        The consultant will be hired for three man –years (240 man-days) duration in increment of one year. The begin work date for the Consultant is first quarter 2009.
1.1.3        Normal place of duty is Brussels, BE. Frequent visits to facilities in  NL, and in IT, are to be considered as within the normal scope of work. The contractor shall undertake visits to both other NATO and contractor locations from time to time.
1.1.4        High level tasks description :  Assist project managers in development and acceptance of the Integration, Testing and Acceptance Plan (ITAP).  Ensure ITAP implementation of deliverables.  Review all Tests Plans and testing documentation from contractor.  Act as primary participant and representative to all testing activities, including the following:
·        Provisional Acceptance Test (PAT)
·        Final Systems Tests (FST)
·        Security Test and Evaluations (ST&E)
·        Operational Live Test (OLT)  Participate in suppliers’ facilities site surveys.  Support permanent staff, as appropriate.
1.1.5        The consultant shall be required to support Project Managers by undertaking the following tasks upon instruction by the Purchaser’s Technical Representative (PTR):  Ensure liaison between suppliers and client for all testing and integration issues.  Organize and coordinate the DCIS ITAP acceptance reviews within NATO.  Ensure the DCIS ITAP addresses the verification, integration and acceptance as a formal process answering the following points:
·What is integrated, verified and accept?
·Why are they integrated, verified and accepted?
·Where are they integrated, verified and accepted?
·When are they integrated, verified and accepted?
·Who integrates, verifies and accepts?
·How are they integrated, verified and accepted?  Participate in DCIS suppliers’ facilities site surveys to check if quality processes are being followed correctly.
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