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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Hagar, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Either here or Training Wing so plumped for here. Mods - relocate if appropriate.

    Looking at recommendations from those in the know for PM Training organisations that can be used with the ELC grant. Have looked on the relevant websites and am looking for experience of instruction, courses etc.

    I have now been out for a couple of years and am looking at adding extra qualifications to my CV. Currently have Open University M865 Cert in PM and interested in thoughts on what would be a good addition to this ie, Prince 2 or another PM qual. First year of claiming ELC so may need to structure courses over the coming years.

    Company willing to pay the balance that ELC does not meet so trying to get in while the going is good. Thanks in advance
  2. Hagar, I can direct you to an excellent company that I used to work for that can prepare you for PMI and APMG accreditation. I am not sure about the use of ELC however, but they could tell you. QA- IQ bought out Cap Gemini's training wing several years ago and still run the portfolio. Very highly thought of. Easily found on the web and they run residential courses on the south coast.
  3. Try the Bristol Management Centre. Theyre ELC registered and preferred supplier status to MOD.

    And they do courses leading to a management diploma so u can use ELC progressively.
  4. I would avoid Prince2 unless you are looking at working for a company who is using the Prince2 system, otherwise it is pretty much useless.
  5. I thought most companies used prince now- is that not right?

    Most of the job adverts ive seen have asked for it.
  6. PRINCE2 very useful and so is MSP - if you have a track history of Project/Programme Management then you are doing the right courses.

    It is however experiance that gets you through the door.

    Project Management skills are very much needed out here and if you have worked in a PMO (Ops room) then the world is your ........ as they say
  7. Ive worked in loads of ops rooms but dont see how its relevant to project management.

    Would love to get into PM but didnt reckon that i had any experience. Point me in the right direction mate.
  8. If you want to get into PM seriously then APM accreditation is a serious plus. Esp if you are looking to go into the Tier 1 suppliers (BAES, Lockheed, DES (DPA/DLO).

    Prince is ok if you are going to be a civil servant or work in IT/Software PM.

    Proof is in pudding - CV on Monster with just experience = 15 hits in 6 months and £20k max, CV updated with APMP qual = over 25 hits in 4 months and £35-47K offers.

    I work for one of the major Tier 1 and our pecking order for PM quals is APM them PMI then Prince.
  9. OK. But surely as a section commander, Royal Signals I dont have PM experience either do I?
  10. Thanks for the replies to date. Bit of clarification if I may:

    APM - Association of Project Managers
    PMI - Project Management Institute
    MSP - Managing Successful Programmes

    Interested in recommendations for the requisite training, ideally an organisation recognised by the ELC programme, but not essential as current employer will fund to a point. Am obviously also willing to invest in myself as required.

    Thoughts are Prince 2 to begin with and then try APMP or similar. Thoughts welcomed.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Have just attended a superb course run by Remarc in Manchester.

    Haggle like hell over the price though...

  12. Had a look at their site but nothing looks too exciting in the way of training. More info please.
  13. I have done both APMP and Prince2 Practioner and both courses compliment each other nicely. The APMP provides a good overview of project management and Prince2 provides you with a methodology to run projects successfully. One of the most useful elements of the course is meeting other PMs from entirely different commercial backgrounds and learning from them as to how things are done in their particular industries.

    I did both courses with a company called Parity Training and can recommend them. They offer 5 day intensive residential courses in both (and they certainly are intensive - expect to do 9 hours classroom study + 2 hours homework a day).

    The APM is a UK-based association and is appropriate if you are looking to work in the UK or for a UK-based multinational. The PMI is very much US-based and is appropriate for people looking to work for non-UK based companies.

    Parasigs, running a project is exactly the same as running a military operation (except that you can't shout at the civvies). If you have been involved in operational planning then you have project management experience.

    If you get the chance, try going to one of the BPPM shows there are lots of people there (recruiters, trainers etc) who will be more than happy to answer any questions.
  14. Thanks for the info about APM accreditation and especially the info on Monster; that is really quite useful and I might use that as I start thinking about my last 2 years.

    I haven't used Monster, although I am aware of it. Can I upload my CV and then play with it until I start receiving hits? Presumably, the big companies use scanning software to look for keywords?

  15. I haven't used Monster, although I am aware of it. Can I upload my CV and then play with it until I start receiving hits? Presumably, the big companies use scanning software to look for keywords?


    You can either write your CV in Monster or upload your own in Word.

    The addition of MAPM (Member of APM) and the inclusion of the APMP exam (IPMA Level D) had a huge impact on the hits I got.

    I have found that including membership of the Inst. of Leadership & Mgt. (ILM) helps for Team Lead/First Line Mgt roles, too.

    I set my CV up so that it could be viewed/scanned.

    Feel free to PM me to discuss further.