Project Hyperion

Discussion in 'Officers' started by FrogPrince, Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. Project Hyperion is a complex Defence change programme designed to collocate and integrate the two main Army Headquarters Headquarters Land Command (currently based at Wilton) and Headquarters Adjutant General (currently based in Upavon).

    I'm intending to apply for the post of Non-Executive Director on the Programme Board. I'd be grateful if anyone could direct me to any open source material on the Web relating to this project: 'googling' the project name of itself or similar combinations has returned very few hits.

    Thanks in anticipation...

  2. Most of the stuff's on the Army's Intranet (although it's a b*gger to find there, too). See if a Serving pal can find you some UNCLAS material there.

  3. So is this a secret?

    Or anyone got any additional info?
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    At £550 a day for 10 days work a year (Jobs page in the Telegraph at the weekend I think), pretty sure I could cope with this.....
  5. Not a secret but defo a nominee for bullshit bingo championship: all quotes from the intranet site...



    Commercial Site:


  6. So in short it will be a huge cake and arrse party, with multi-million overspends, will actually be ready in 2050 and will not do the job it was designed for because of several key design requirements being overlooked. i.e. stairs, windows or the front door.
  7. Deleted.
  8. Choc; you cynical bugga you!

    Are you saying the formidable organisations within the MoD are not able to put together an integration???

    It will be completed on time, not only will it be under budget, but will save the tax payers a fortune in the long term and be adaptable enough to cope with any future change or challenge!

    Nurse! My medication please, I seem to talking bollox again! :D

    How I'm sure with adequate government involvement there will be a state of the art multimillion pound computer/phone system that will either not be used or ffuucckk all use what so ever! (Then again, if it does work, bet there's no ccuunntt there to answer the phones or turn the PCs on!) :D :D :D

  9. Folks - Any more info available 2 months on?
  10. I don't have any information on the project but I wonder how many senior people (mil & civil service) read those documents without correcting the single word on which the whole document hangs?

    Please delete "co-location" and insert "collocation"!

    From Microsoft's Reference Collection:

    Noun: the placing of something together with something else; the habitual placing together of one specific word with one or more other specific words (linguistics); the group of words so formed (linguistics).
    [Latin collocare, -atum, from col-, and locare to place]

    How can we expect soldiers to care about reading and writing, if our senior staff cannot be bothered to pick up a dictionary?

    I despair!

  11. Alas, there has been a deafening silence to my 'all-singing', 'all-dancing' CV. Need to change my deodorant, maybe...