PROJECT ENGINEER- 30-40k - Glasgow

Job Description
Main Objectives:-
To take full responsibility and ownership of designated projects to profitably take them from
the quotation stage through to implementation on production machines.

Key Areas of Responsibility: -
1. Contribute to Quotations.
2. Customer Liaison.
3. Engineering Methods Planning.
4. Input of Drawings.
5. Production of Good G-Code.
6. Produce Required Production Documentation/Drawings.
7. Interface with Production to Optimise Process.
8. React to Production Requests.
9. Develop Skills.
10. Liaise effectively with other departments.

Specific Duties: -
1. Assist with production of quotations based on an analysis of methods, plant & tooling
requirements and time to develop & manufacture, in a timely manner meeting customer’s
deadlines, but in any case no more than 3 weeks from receipt of enquiry.
2. Liaise with customers at the buyer, design and production engineering levels to clarify
customer requirements and to produce enhanced solutions. Project engineers should speak
to customers at least once per week during project development.
3. Work with quality department, tooling suppliers, product improvement and/or the
Engineering Works Manager after examination of the component(s) to be manufactured to
develop a strategy for manufacture of said components, which includes tooling required;
plant availability; preparation of fixturing and sequence of operations.
4. Lead Product Introduction Project Teams ensuring team work in a LEAN fashion, with the
assistance of gantt charts for scheduling and monitoring.
5. Input drawings manually or electronically to CAD CAM, to produce optimised tool
cutting paths and produce G-code output for CNC machine tools. The production of new
programs should be targeted as complete in 6 weeks and never to take more than 12
weeks. If this is taking more than 12 weeks, consider alternatives i.e. new software, subcontracting
programming etc, to bring times down.
6. Supply tool room with sufficient instruction/documentation to allow for the manufacture
of good fixtures.
7. Document method of manufacture utilising Castle Precision Production Control System
software including full Route Cards; Time allowance for each process; and Tool/Fixture
8. For initial manufacturing batches work with setters and operatives at machine tools to
optimise processes, balancing manufacturing time against cost of consumable tooling.
Utilise optimisation software to improve performance of jobs from the second batch on.
9. When requested by a Foreman update processes to reflect actual manufacturing
10. As requested attend training courses and develop skills to allow full utilisation of castles

11. Attend and contribute at weekly departmental meeting. Meetings should last between 20
minutes and no more than one hour and each person in the department should give a report
on their activity of at least one sentence.

Required Skills & Experience:-

· A minimum of five years experience in a qualified projects engineering role.
· Solid understanding of interpreting engineering drawings and standards.
· Knowledge of manufacturing techniques - milling & turning.
· Knowledge of Fanuc controls.
· Experience of CAD/CAM software packages (Castle are currently reviewing there
software portfolio but have used SolidWorks and CAMWorks to date).
· Experience of VERICUT verification software and Renishaw probing.
· Excellent communication skills.

· Experience of SolidWorks software.
· Qualified to HNC level (or equivalent).
· Knowledge of 5-axis manufacturing techniques.

Salary & benefits:

· Salary c. £30 - 40K/annum dependant on experience.
· Hours of work:
· 8.00am – 4.30pm on Monday & Wednesday
· 8:00am – 7:30pm Tuesday & Thursday
· 8.00am until 3.30pm on a Friday
· Ten-minute tea break in the morning from 10.00am - 10.10am
· Half hour break for lunch between 12.30pm and 1.00pm
· Required to work unpaid overtime as and when required.
· Holidays:
· 25 annual days and 8 statutory holidays accrued throughout the year
· Holidays must be taken within pre-specified dates at Easter, Summer, Christmas
and New Year, to be authorised by your line manager
· Holiday entitlement will be confirmed when you start as during your first year
entitlement to the annual holidays is on a pro-rata basis dependant on the length of
· Benefits:
· Standard Life Company Pension Scheme for staff (contributory) – you would be
eligible to join after 3 months employment.
· Scottish Equitable Life Scheme for all employees (twice salary) – eligibility is
min. of 1 years service upon the renewal date of 20th April each year.
· Staff Group Permanent Health Scheme (half salary until age 65 if unable to
continue to work due to a serious health problem) with UNUM Ltd – eligibility is
1 years service upon renewal date of February each year.

Contact if interested or apply via the CTP website.

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