"Project de-Mob".

3 yrs ago I bought an ex-Army '97 Honda XR250, shown below in its before and after guise. I gave it the snappy title "Project de- Mob".
I paid £550 for it and it had 2200km on the clock. Its now not totally as original as it would have been white for the year, but the red livery looks much better.
Spent nearly a year taking it all apart, changing wheel bearings etc. Biggest faff was getting the swing arm off. I'll wager it had never been off in its 13yrs of life as I had to cut the thing off. I was changing the swing arm anyway as I didn't like the 2 small ally wedges that had been welded on, presumably for rear foot pegs.
The Acerbis 22lt tank was removed and sold and the proper Honda tank re-placed.
Mudguards and plastics were replaced abd the originals paint stripped and sold.
The frame was powder coated and new frame guarsd and gaitors fitted.
The brake pads, chain and sprokets were still in a good useable condition. Exhaust is original.
I have changed the carb for a Edelbrock, for easier starting and reliability.
It now has a different seat and handguards fitted.

Having done all the work, I now race it in "Hare and Hounds". It starts a piece of piss and doesn't smoke a bit. All in all a pretty decent buy.

Easy way to check is line it up along a plank of wood or similar with a straight edge and see it's how I've seen Lambretta's being checked to see if they are straigh/bent.

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