Project Car Anyone?

TAT OVERLOAD! Hopefully some of those will be saved. Good to see that they're inside, as I'm sure old British tin doesn't last long in Orkney if uncovered. That JRG S-Type could be a bargain, as they're not worth much under normal circs.
No idea of prices, not my motors. Just saw the ad on Shetlink and thought I'd pass it on. Phone number is on the add ... you never know, might get a bargain.

I'd be interested in the Jag if I had more storage space!
The bird in the advert states she earns £437 a day or £13,457 a month.
Never realised their were so little trade up their for a good shag!
There's a chrome bumper version in the last pic. With the rubber numbers, strip for parts or convert to chrome are really profitable markets.
SWMBO would kill me slowly and painfully should I ever show up with a British sportscar again.
Not to mention the fact that my back would not be a happy camper folding itself into one of them at my age.
I see a Toledo there I wants but cant afford^_^\\\'

Think it's a dolomite sprint (looks like twin round headlights and it has a door mirror).

Brown Triumphs last the longest for some reason.

MGC looks good but not very fast and not god at stopping or corners either.

MG's are for those who cannot spell Triumph.