Project AVANTI

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by smallbrownprivates, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Have heard some comment on how decisions are being made for this. Didn't know Staff Decision making process had gone all "x factor/britan's got talent"

    Step 1.
    Float idea & demand 4 levels of solution (best to worse cases with variations in between), require addressees to produce copious staff work supporting each option.

    Step 2.
    Ignore answers produced, reveal 5th previously unseen option that all are now to comply with.

    Step 3.
    State cuts and reductions, await protests/pushback, u-turn on those points then make anything not complained about/too much agreed policy.

    Step 4.
    Go with Majority voting to pick and choose staff roles (because each PSC brigade is exactly the same and regional variations from the norm are aberrations)

    In summary, I hope those doing this thinking are doing their utmost to protect their jobs in the public sector, as since the fall of Enron, sanctums of such ineptness in the private sector are getting rarer
  2. Must admit that sounds pretty much how planning is carried out at all levels:

    Now Colonel, we have spent all night identifying 3 COAs for you, they are..Nope, sorry Chief of Staff, I have my own idea based upon nothing better than a conversation I had with my dog.....etc etc.
  3. I too have been exposed to the madness that is AVANTI.

    Present COAs to someone who can make the decision. They make a decision. We then staff it. As it is, the AVANTI team would appear to have co-opted the whole staff capacity of the Regional Forces as their own personal bitches.
    I no longer know what the driver is; savings, efficiency, rationalisation. When do we do PR11?

    Bottom line. They’ve made the f*cking decisions. They are just toying with us.
  4. It would be nice if someone ,somewhere would tell us all WTF is going on . Scotch all the rumours, and give the folks at the coal face an idea of what is "really" likely to happen......or is everyone affraid we are all just going to say feck it and down tools, and do only what is reqired
  5. My understanding of Project Avanti is the MOD looking at another way to cutback all the loyal staff who have served the civil service for many years. Remember that biggest majority of civil servants are employed at just above the minimum wage, about the same rate of pay as a private soldier.
  6. That's not quite true, the loss of civilian jobs falls out of the cost cutting to close sites and a large reduction in the military staff running the firm base. Each 2* HQ that closes cuts out; 1 x 2*, 1x 1* (TA), at least 3 x Col, up 10 x Lt Col and assorted Majors, ROs and Captains. Now quite a few of these may be re assigned but it does give the headroom for a lot of military brown envelopes.

    On the CS side there will be; 1 x B1, a few C1s, quite a few C2s a couple of Ds and perhaps 50 + E1s.
    The if you can close the site as well there are all the contract costs to save (once you have paid the huge penalty clauses).
  7. Many of the staff at 2* Regional HQs carry out the scrutiny and assurance piece and so much of that structure will remain in place as "nodes" thus limiting the savings.

    The proposed generic 1* HQ sees most HQs growing - certainly in the SO2 area: SO2 Info Superiority?

    Not sure who will be the 2* 2 RO: the one remaining 2* will have a few OJARs to smash out.

    Let's just have a pissing plan (ideally with less TA SO2s shoehorned in) and then we can just get on with it. Just free us from the endless Visio.
  8. Just seen the latest AVANTI update - good to see that nothing has changed in regards to Timeline (Olympics? what olympics?) and that the TA complement at 1* HQs are still being cut by over 70% at a time when the TA is supposed to be expanding.

    Kafka eat your heart out
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Has Avanti shaken hands with the new elephant in the room called re-basing and withdrawal from Germany or will these develop in their own sweet way? No vested interest, merely curious.
  10. Will AVANTI stumble to deliver any savings at all, in the face of vested interests and well-practised Civil Service consultation and obstruction tactics? I wait to see.
  11. Why 'ideally'? Just asking like.
  12. No loss.

    The TA managed for decades with only a TA Col at the local Bde HQ to provide a "TA reality check" to Regulars who didn't immediately appreciate the second-order effects of some of their decisions (e.g. Don't schedule the Bde w/e in the middle of Trades Fortnight).

    The whole "let's stuff the TA into Fmn HQs" started in the mid-90s, and was in some cases an excuse for the less capable to get themselves a nice little earner (because making an SO2 wage otherwise was a bit more difficult, and the ability to bluff your way with a budget or get the GOC's wife a job made you look good). If you've got a decent job, you haven't got time to spend working days in Bde HQ.

    The initial idea was that it would "broaden" TA officers, but that's difficult in a Regional HQ that shuts at 5pm and at weekends...

    ...that, and you have to wonder about the motivation of a TA Officer who doesn't want to deal with troops. Personally, having been persuaded that it was a huge honour to be picked as SO3(V) G3, I hated it. Went back to the CO after six months crying "get me out of this, they're numpties".
  13. Project AVANTI
    Future Force 2020 -- all interlinked and dependant on each other. None fully funded or properly decided upon - Chaos??