Prohormones in the military

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dillon, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know the actual legality of Prohormones in the Army??
    Will they cause you to fail a CDT??
    They aren't steroids, however, i know they are very similar!!

    If there's anyone from the CDT team out there that can shed some light, then please do!!

  2. Hormones? Are you pre or post op?
  3. I just wanted to know how squaddies stand using Prohormones - a supposed supplement...
  4. get a grip :roll:
  5. If you can buy them over the counter then i'd assume that could use them. However you know what they say about assume.. I think it's highly unlikely that they'd test for steroids, or derivatives, in a CDT as it is very expensive and not what they are majorly concerned with.

    However... why???? Seriously??? Read up on pro-hormones and the general consensus is you got most of the risks (scaled down) of anabolic steroids, but with no-where near the same gains. Wanna be a roid head, do it for real, injections the whole lot. Wanna be a fit healthy soldier, then don't touch any of it.
  6. Hehehehehe, you're going to get big boobs and be bald and spotty!

    Pro-hormone Wikipedia

    Are you going to pay men to scratch the other bit though???
  7. Seconded. Even Creatine has too many side-effects. :roll:

    About the only low-risk suppliment worth taking is Whey Isolate; pure protein, good for building lean muscle. No side effects, and it won't fcuk up you're cardiovascular fitness. Which is far more important to a soldier than brute strength. :wink:
  8. Very few pro-hormones actually work. Stick with Zinc after your workout. A decent creatine will work as well.

    You are really flushing cash down the toilet with most supplements.
  9. Creatine can be ok but it tends to do a number on your gastric system and if not careful you can get some tendon problems because you left more.
  10. Not to mention kidney damage/strain due to dehydration..

    From personal experience I've found all supplements are such a small percentage of the end result. The keys are train damn hard, rest enough, sleep enough, eat shed loads of clean protein heavy food. This will give you 95% of your gains. If your not gaining then you've got one of theses wrong and pro-whoremoans won't help. . . steroids mights in the shorter term, but then that's a whole different bag... and not recommended.

    But anyway, you don't need mass as a soldier, you need power, strength and endurance. A decent clean diet will give you these if combined with the proper training. Protein supplements as mentioned are good at getting you up to the needed intake of calories/protein, but most of the other supplements are serious wastes of money.

    Sounds like last weekend's "conquest"
  11. Not that I would endorse the use of steroids (too much damage to the hormonal system), but why would someone choose something bordering on illegal with no proven track record and barely any research, when for about the same price (I think, I'm not up to date on these issues) you could have something that is illegal, has a proven track record and there are numerous studies about its effective usage and ways to minimise it's impact.

    I don't get it, if you're going to muck about with your hormonal system, just do it.
  12. Drink more
    Also, tendon damage because you left more?
    I don't understand that statement. I do know strength increases through steroid use can result in the muscle tearing from the tendons because the tendons haven't had time to adapt to the increase in strength, however I haven't heard of this with creatine. Maybe if someone has never lifted before a day in his life, started creatine and then started lifting, but not if they have a base to begin with.