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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shina20, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. Hey; my name is Shina, people here are very cool. I love the opinions and ideas you all have here; I am single, currently in college working on a master degree, I like listening to music, some kinds more than others. That's pretty much it.

    I really appreciate participating in your forum and will start my posting with this important links of hidden information in the Western media. Look at those prohibited photos; you will not believe your eyes:

    Israeli children sign their missiles 'With Love'
    Please be warned that some of these pictures are graphic and disturbing

    We shouldn’t allow the media to deceive us. I will not let them have it their way… This is my role now.

    The Other Side of the Story:

    For humanity, spread the word to many, tell the world the truth, and don’t let them have it their way…
  2. Is that first paragraph from your lonely hearts ad?
  3. Hi,my name is looker. I live on the second floor
  4. Fantastic.I've never been called cool before.

    Shina,any chance of a photograph of you?
  5. What Vanman forgot to add was... If female with your chebs out.
  6. Somehow, Shina, I very much doubt that you are are a single, female student. Cool pictures of dead folks, though. Got any where you can see their willies?
  7. Hello Shina,

    Fancy discussing this over breakfast? Im making some lovely bacon rolls right now, ill make a couple for you as well.
  8. Shina

    I do believe my eyes, as a rule, and therefore find I am rarely shocked. I don't think anyone on Arrse would be either, and they certainly don't believe what they are told by the media!

    If you have a mission - great!

    I don't want to play though, something just aint right about your first posting on Arrse. Can't quite put my finger on it............?
  9. Of course there's always another side to a story. Can we expect to see some photos of IDF soldiers after the terrorists got at them, or the aftermath of suicide bombings in Israel?

    Stick to holding sit-ins; that way you're keeping out of everyone else's way.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You got there first.

    Much as I am deeply sympathetic of the people in Gaza who have lost loved ones, especially children, I am also very sympathetic of those families in Israel who have lost loved ones, including children to bus-bombs, night-club bombs, cafe bombs, restaurant bombs, indiscriminate missile attacks, mortars and shootings.

    The people of Gaza/Palestine are every bit as guilty of war-crimes as Israel, because they ALSO support those that murder innocent civilians and children - they do this by their support of Fatah and Hamas.
  11. id f bunch of kunts with the latest in death tech :x
    hamas and there mates bunch of kunts with blue peter level of death tech :x

    that's why the Israel's get to kill more Arabs than Arabs kill jews
  12. Nothing new here, people have been doing this for years.

    Hmmmmm bet your a 1 post wonder!
  13. Got any recent photos of the two Israeli soldiers captured three years ago? Any evidence of them being treated with humanity in accordance with International conventions on handling POWs? No - neither have their families unfortunately. I think you can see where my sympathies are!

    I don't think most of us people here are cool by your standards. I also don't think you will like our views on conduct of warfare and counter-terrorist ops either. Not speaking for everyone obviously!

    Thanks for the visit though. Seeya!
  14. Shina

    Do you have any before and after photos of suicide bombers?
    I'd also like to see before / after photos of eg. bombed restaurants.

    Oh yeah - I think that Shina is a Punk Rocker