Progress in Iraq?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ghost_us, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. New dispatch from Michael Yon discusses progress in Iraq. Might not agree with why we're there but the reality is that we are there just as well as you have something to show for it. Compared to what he had to say a year ago, I would say that we're definitely making progress towards limiting AQI operational abilities in Iraq.
  2. In one respect it doesn't really matter how much we're limiting AQs capabilities in Iraq. If they have any capability it's still more than they had before we went in.
  3. Not Al Q but certainly other terrorist organisations and individuals including Al Zaqawi (who had fought with and reported for Al Q) and various Palestinians including Hamas. Fawzi al-Naimi, an Iraqi intelligence officer was the officer who ran the terrorists in the Iran Embassy siege.

    On a totally different tack, another superb report by Michael Yon. All three dispatches of 'Achievements of the Human Heart' show how it could be done.
  4. But Yon was commenting specifically on AQ. Would he have been as upbeat on waking up in hospital to be told they'd managed to save most of his leg if he knew damn fine he hadn't needed an op before being admitted? I seriously doubt he'd be praising how well the surgery went.
  5. I would be extremely interested in just where in any of the three dispatches of Achievements of the Human Heart Yon commented "specifically on AQ"
  6. Iraq simply attracted the moths to the flame, it didn't create the moths as opposed to the so many arm chair pros that insist otherwise.

    Again, I don't agree with the reasons why we are there, but the reality is that we are there and it is what it is.
  7. Seriously?

    AQ = al qaeda
  8. Fair enough, I read that into the text, as clearly did the original poster. Doesn't change the fact that none of the terrorist organisations we're now facing were perpetrating atrocities within Iraq before we went in, nor were they active at all on anywhere near the scale they are now.

    It certainly attracted the moths; it also caused a good many caterpillers to metamorphose into moths instead of butterflies. And then it poured petrol on the flame.

    I agree we're left with the situation and have to face it as it exists, but having to bite into a shit sandwich is no reason to forget that the possibility of jam once existed; or who it was decided to spread the shit on your bread in the first place.
  9. Not elegant.

    But fair.
  10. Iraq had a shark on its leg, went to hospital, had the shark removed, got MRSA, and is now recovering from MRSA. That the hospital was dirty was our fault, but the situation would not have arisen in the first place had it not been for the shark.

  11. Reminds me of the story from a movie:

    Pretty much sums up Iraq for me.
  12. Progress in Iraq?

    Does it snow in hell?

    You will never know till you get there although I suspect the answer is an emphathic 'No!' to both questions.
  13. Here's an official American view. Seems to say

    "It may snow in Hell.
    If we work hard enough at it.
    And put in more of the right resources than we have to date."