Programme on Army Reserve recruiting - Radio 4

Just started 12:30 Wednesday Radio 4.

Sounds interesting. Probably available on I-player later.
Currently bemoaning... the recruitment system...

Wonder if Crapita will have a spot?


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i cant listen to the programme at present, but things do seem to be improving at my place - we currently have 4 new guys turning up on Tuesdays, with one about to start his phase 1. I understand more "might" be in the system..
why is there an increase any ideas ?


45+ in the pipeline (scrubbed weekly with the duds and also rans weeded out, along with calls to Capita to help them join the dots with the applicants cases). Now have visibility to two about to be presented to the training machine.

Taken a year to get here, but there is a chink of light. Huge credit to the PSAO and Squadron RMTT to make this happen.
"From the programme introduction" said:
Last year more left than joined - but 11,000 extra part-time soldiers are needed to plug the gap left by large-scale redundancies prompted by budget cuts. Officials have admitted a flawed application system is partly to blame, and we hear from one hopeful new recruit rejected because he suffers from indigestion.
Hardly bodes well for increased numbers.

A good listen.


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why is there an increase any ideas ?
To be honest, i think they were in the afore-mentioned system and are only just starting to come through. It will be interested how things are in 6 months time...

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