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'Army to blame for Sally's death'
The mother of murdered student Sally Geeson blames the British Army for her daughter's death as police lacked vital information about the soldier who killed her.

This is the strapline for "File on 4" tuesday 2000 repeated sunday 1700.

Not wishing to open a debate can of worms and no doubt we can trust the BBC for a balanced view.......................but given that his previous offences were not serious for a life sentence presumably he would have killed after a civil court had dealt with him too. Also the police had "vital information" about Ian Huntly..........................
It's easy to blame the Army. I saw this woman interviewed on local tv not long after it happened, and the thrust of her argument seemed to be that he 'should not have been posted near somewhere like Cambridge'. Utterly bizarre. Asked why, where she thought he could have gone, she had no answer.

Still, POD's probably pressing his Service Dress ready for another TCH-ordered apology... :twisted:

Seeking to blame someone in these circumstances is normal, but usually diminishes in time - unless, of course, kept stoked by the meedja. As an example, I recall a fatal RTA in which a serviceman and a civilian in another car were both killed, the Coroner recorded verdicts of accidental death, as no fault could be proved. According to the mother of the dead civilian, the RAF are to blame for allowing service personnel to own fast cars...

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