Programme for starting running again.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by old_bloke, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Anybody got a starting running again after becoming a fat civi programme?.

    Been a knacker since I left and decided now’s the time to start again I think.

    I take the dog out 3 times a day for a brisk 1 mile walk but that’s it.

    I have looked on a few sites but cannot seem to find anything good for free:)

  2. Loads of advice on Runners World try this program Couch to 5k as a starter.

  3. I seem to remember that 'Fighting Fit' ( ) has a good programme called the 'Desk Jockey', which pretty much takes you from fat knacker to slightly less fat knacker. This can be followed up by a more intense programme.

    Basically, it boils down to running every other day, starting out with walk/jogging for 20 mins at a time, then building up to around 30mins of steady jogging.
  4. I think it was runners world that I saw the basic one, its very flexible, you need a stop watch, set if for one minute, walk brisk for a minute then run for a minute, this is a gentle run, not Linford out of the starting blocks run. You do this for a mile, if that is too far you go for a shorter distance. You keep to this for a week then extend the run time, dropping the walk time, until you will be running for 6 minutes walking for 1 minute. Eventually you think its time to just keep going.

    The Total Beginner's Quick Guide To Running - Beginners - Runner's World
  5. Probably best to take it gradually - ie more and longer of the walking, then speed-walking, for a few weeks before you even start running. If you've gone to seed, it will take a while to strengthen muscles and connective tissues and get your circulatory system used to the idea. Going straight into a running programme may well cause a quick injury otherwise.

    After injury (and now that I'm older and suffering from paratrooper knees..) I walk/tab for the first couple of miles of my usual running route, thus making sure that everything is warmed up and working before subjecting the legs to the jarring of running.
  6. I use this one when I'm coming back to running after an injury and I've never had any problems with it.
  7. Thanks for the info I will start with a few weeks walking and then see.
  8. Started again before Xmas, pulled a hamstring and now using it again to start again.
  9. Google Hal Higdon.

    Got a good 0 to 5km programme a PTI tipped me off to.
  10. Try British Military Fitness.

    Its like going back to basic training, being motivated by beastings!!!

    Seriously they have different regimes for different levels of fitness (different coloured vests).

    Training in a group and motivate each other.(Plus lots of young totee attend these classes).
  11. Theres a app for couch to 5k or a podcast can downloaded. heard lots good feedback from people who couldnt physically run a mile let alone 3 then build into a more advanced programme.
  12. The Para Fitness Guide