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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. This is the title for possible withrawal of the ARRC from JHQ and re-location of remaining UKSC(G) and RESG staff from Rheindahlen.

    Anyone heard anymore about it - dates - outcome etc
  2. It is more than that as I underestand it. it also encompasses the merger of HQ LAND and HQ AG. Proposed sites are Andover, Upavon, Wilton for various merged HQs.


  3. I heard that a senior civil servant was head of the programme and that there was areally broad remit given to him, to look at the art of the possible, think outside the box and be radical!!
  4. I have heard that a possible site for ARRC may be RAF Cosford, with a possible plan to create a West-Midlands super garrison eventually.
  5. Outstanding,

    In brief:

    The BORONA Programme will determine whether it is feasible to relocate the HQ ARRC, 102 Log Bde and 1 Sig Bde to the UK during the period 2008-2012.

    Initial work focussed on two specific locations but this was done purely as a benchmark study and doesn't mean they will be selected as final locations.

    The BORONA team will report to MOD in December 2006 and it is unlikely that any final decisions will be announced until well into 2007.

    Hope this helps.

  6. So time to sell my shares in Aladin's cave?
  7. Cosford does have the advantage of being close to Donnington.

    But I think it would be a bit small for purpose?

    Surely the former RAF Gaydon would be a better site, being a former V-Bomber base?
  8. I heard Cosford and Stafford were in the frame but Cosford may still be needed for Training.
  9. RAF Stafford is now empty is it not? And what about RAF Shawbury could that not be utilised also plus therers somewere else near Wolverhampton were the crabs do trade training
  10. No, there's a Signal Regt in there.
  11. Cosford's near Wolverhampton. Incidentally, how do you train a crab?

    "Put your left leg left. Your right leg left. Left Left, Left Left Left..."
  12. I was in JHQ at the weekend, and it just made me what a real anachronism the place is. I really got the feeling that the place is just waiting to close.
    Still gutted the NAAFI of baccy and perfume though.
  13. Well I had heard that options for the ARRC included Blandford (when def sch of Sigs opens at St Athan) and RAF HQ PTC which is closing.
  14. Now that decisions made earlier about St Athan are public, does anyne know anymore about BORANO outcome? - initial report was due at Land by Dec 06

  15. Surprised you're still entitled to shop there Guru! ;)

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