Programme Alert _ Panorama BBC 1 22:15

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 11, 2004.

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  1. Tonight - Sunday 22:15 - 22:55

    A Failure of Intelligence

    As we await the publication of the Butler report into the work of the intelligence services before the war on Iraq, reporter John Ware looks at how Tony Blair made the case for war to Parliament and the British people. Where was the evidence for claims that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction? In his first television interview, the Ministry of Defence's chief WMD intelligence analyst, Dr Brian Jones, sets out exactly where he thinks the blame lies.

    Apparently, there are a couple of high ranking spook-like individuals talking for the first time tonight.

    Shame you chaps couldn't find your balls before Dr. Kelly went on a country ramble armed only with a razor blade and a bottle of painkillers :roll:
  2. You're absolutely positive that's what happened?
  3. I can't say NWD

    As I don't really want an up-engined SUV and 4 useful looking gentlemen parked outside, thanks 8O
  4. Because of cutbacks, it would be just TWO useful-looking gentlemen. And a small dog. In a second-hand Vauxhall (Cross) Viva. 8)
  5. it's worse than that claymore , it's one confused looking bloke , who's been subbed in from civvy contractors , on a pushbike with a flat tyre.

    all money for serious looking bloke training has been diverted to the "fat arrsed civvy furniture fund"
  6. As long as it isn't a civvie from Reliance, the ill-named "security" firm employed by the Scottish Executive to allow prisoners to escape in large numbers on a daily basis.
  7. I once reported two very strange looking fellows parked in my lane (suits, short haircuts and Ford Escort) to the local Constabulary. For once squad car arrived faster the one can say speed camera, and I had great joy watching two young Crime Squad members and two uniformed constables have an argument outside my door. RGS chaps told Uniform to go away and urinate and the boys in blue took exception.
  8. About 20 years ago, when Strathclyde's finest were split into little "Sweeenys", the drugs' squad organised a covert sting at a Glasgow city centre hotel. They arrived, tooled up, and booked into a couple of rooms to await the arrival of the targets.

    Unfortunately for them, an alarmed waiter saw one of their shoulder-holsters when he delivered room-service. He was so alarmed, he 'phoned police HQ to report "armed gangsters" on the premises.

    The drugs' squad, looking for an undercover coup, had, equally unfortunately for them, omitted to tell HQ about their op. Result? Armed response teams surround the hotel. loads of nody-armour and MP3s in evidence. Drug barons turn up in car, spot World War 3 about to break out and smartly leg it to a safe distance to watch the fun.

    Confrontation ensues between armed response unit and drugs' squad. Loads of expletives. Interview with Chief Constable follows rapidly, without tea or biscuits. Head of drugs' squad departs for pastures new. Drug squad finds itself a) disarmed and b)back on traffic duty. Ain't law enforcement wonderful? Reminds me a bit of the FRU in Belfast.....but that's another story, playmates. For another day. 8)