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China Cooper is a top bloke. Worked with him when he was a Cpl in the early 90s. He was there for GW1 as well as a radio relay det comd. Glad to see he came across well as he really does do his best for the troops.


Did I hear right during the program that when the BW came under fire, the Sapper QRF went to sort them out?

I realise that unless you're a coloured beret, flavour of the month unit, that the nearest to combat you'll get is Junior Brecon, but putting us Engineers before an Inf unit?

You'll be issuing us with a proper bergan and an extra ammo pouch next ;D


The journalists seemed much like many of their breed I've ever seen.

Most have an inflated view of their importance but, then again, if you've hacked them off just before they broadcast live to the 10pm news, you shouldn't be surprised if things don't go your way.

Still, at least they were in desert, rather than hotels in the rear (perhaps they couldn't get bookings - full of RAF?).

Still, eating biscuits while dismissively briefing journalists is guaranteed to p*ss them off!

Always amusing watching TV reporters in action. The cameraman carries the camera (usually the SNCO type, trusted with the expensive kit) while the  reporter (offr type, looking too young for the nice new suit) gets to carry the tripod!
Don't forget, Part II is on tonight.  9.00 in UK , BBC 2
Saw tonight's. Footage of the Tornado crews from 9 sqn going out the night they suffered the FF incident particularly poignant, as was inmterview with the OC 2 days later.

Another one to watch out for Tuesday night 8pm, UK Horizons (for those with cable) a new series called "Peacekeepers" anout ops in former Yugo'a.
Very poignant. Especially when you realised you were looking at the crew who died as they got on the bus. Future Mrs. Pongo very upset, as she'd been out with a 9 Squadron Jockey , and knew a lot of them, from the time her Father had had a pub near them.

Very pleased and gratified to report that the FMP used harsh and offensive language, every time the bouffant one appeared on the telly, spouting platitudes. I can happily report we have another convert  ;D

Concerned about the lack of in-depth about who really secured Umm Qasr, possibly the programme was not as unbiased as we hoped?


Thought the Bit about the Crabs was pretty powerful, I even found it impossible to scoff my disdain at them. A gutting thing to happen to anyone.

Interesting to note that they had issues with the IFF a few days earlier.

Good to see the footage of old Comical Ali giving it large again. What a guy!

Am looking forward to seeing more footage from the embeds with the SDG and 7 RHA.  Presumably coming later.

More disturbing was the program on earlier called "Iraq: whose country is it anyway". Lots about the spams tooling around in Hummer convoys whilst Baghdad does whatever it likes. I see real trouble ahead there.
Talking of friendly fire, did you notice the American Soldier getting nicked for throwing handgrenades into his mates tents at the Patriot position that fired the fatal shot?

That wasn't publicised at the time.

It probably also had quite a psychological effect on the guy who pressed the fire button.

Part III tonight - First Armoured in action 9.00 BBC2 , set the video

Convenient really, cos right now the missus is watching summat GHEY on the same channel
Part IV tonight

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