Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ironrations, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. I was thinking, what is the best prof you have ever seen in a Sigs envoiroment. I remember the ferry flag at 30 sigs in TM troop rest room that was absolutely massive, and two naughty individuals in NI being punished for nicking a massive PSNI "PLEASE DONT RIOT" sign.

    Anyone got any better ones?
  2. Lovely brass RUC Blue Lantern from Belcoo or Beleek (Don't remember!), selection of PVC underwear stashed in Roslea PB, the worlds biggest "Save Omagh Hospital" banner nicked from a bridge over the town's by-pass.. the list is endless :lol: What a bunch of Pikeys we were!
  3. Didnt someone nick a camel from the local zoo in 7Sigs (when it was in Herford) , and tie it to the flagpole on the square.
  4. A plane from lego land in denmark - even appeared in fhm magazine - photographed in the crew room at Brize Norton with the offenders wearing masks - last thing i saw of it was hanging in the hanger 66 crew room - any 244 guys remeber it ???? mind you it was the crabs what pinched it.
  5. No it was a LLama (spelling?) if I can remember one Saturday morning it was found wandering round South Camp by the ROS, the sh*t hit the fan on Monday :lol:
  6. Still got the School Regimental flag, proffed whilst attending some sporting event or other in 1982. Hope the duty booty who forgot to take it own is still pushing them out.

    Also proffed the RMP Duty Room flag from the Monkey Guardroom in Wentworth Bks in Nov 82. But got stool pigeoned by a loose lipped fat arrsed TE tech at 21 and was made to anonymously post it back to them by the TM Tp Sgt. Bit of a legend he was, Royal Signals badged Gurkha, O* Ch*****ri Top scoff at Happy Hours!
  7. My best one was how rather what. Prof'd a a power socket off the yanks from one of their m*a*s*h style accomadation tents on Telic 1, while they watched, claiming to do routine maintenance for the camp commadant.

    Made my circuit tester beep a few times claimed it was faulty and said i'd be back with a replacement, all the while my oppo had the landrover running ready for a speedy getaway
  8. My Section Sgt (crab, ex TCW) is one of the perpetrators. He's fully aware that he owes Denmark, and Lego Land a debt.
  9. poland someone apparantly stole the CRAs personal flag, no one found out who did it. one of the signal squadrons was out on parade for that one.

    also the EFI sign magically dissappeared as the vehicles went for a road move back to the rail head.

    i didnt see anything, and will say so in court.

    easy -/-
  10. A bleeding great stone polar bear, 3/4 life size, the pride and joy of the Danish Zealand EW Company. Disappeared mysteriously without trace from Hoevelte Barracks in Hilleroed, appeared, equally magically, at Taunton Barracks, Celle. As best I could gather, no road move involved.
  11. 11 Bde was full of criminals when I was there, amongst the better trophies was a very large sign outside the doors to the sqn bar (in the attic) that declared "QARANC accommodation - no male personnel beyond this point"

    In a kind of reference to the camel/llama of 7 Sigs - there was definitely a camel nicked by someone from the circus - we got 'Active Edged' and I was on my way up to get my shooty bang stick from the armoury and passed my pal who told me "I've just seen a monkey with a camel" He got the look from me that said "what have you been drinking pal?" and when I turned the corner, lo and behold, an MP in the process of tying a camel to the flag post outside the guardroom - very surreal.

    Also, two of the lads finishing their beer in the NAAFI before following the rest of the guys down town, on exitting the block saw a nice shiny staff car - ticking over (no doubt to get the heater working) - ready to pick up the Brig. 'Free transport down town' - even got a salute off the guard (me) on the way out.
  12. The tip of a Tornado tail fin. Its a very, very naughty prof so I don't want to say where it is or how it got there.
  13. HQ MND(SW) Sign taken from outside the Div HQ in GV and appeared in the 30 Sig Regt bar in Split early 96.

    30 Sig Regt REME wala nicked it while on secondment to Div LAD. Was repairing CREs Discvoery and noticed RE beret in the back. Put said beret on, ambled down to the gate and, claiming to be from GEO Tp, took the sign away in broad daylight for 'repairs'.

    I receive a phone call asking for an empty 4 tonner to be sent fm Split to GV. 4 Tonner returns with said sign in the back.

    Cookie, wherever you are that was a legendary prof.

  14. A full set of RUC dress uniform at one time found its way into our workshops, not sure how? And I'm sure the All Arms Drill wing sign made its way over to NI at some point!
  15. While at 30 sigs (90s) a small gang of us used to drag this ships anchor from outside RHQ all the way to the parade square- why i have no idea but fuelled by alcohol we used to do almost anything!