Profiting from Sooty Footprints

been reading about Carbon Footprints [ don cha just love buzz words ?] and how companies feeling all guilty about polluting can ' buy ' carbon offsets to ease their minds..

for the longest time I couldn't figure out how this works.. thought some guy who was polluting paid a fine or something into a pot somewhere.. but it turns out that companies that have ' pollution credits' - that is those who don't pollute, haven't any intention of polluting or something have ' credit' they can sell to the dirty guys..

just like those who have houses they have no intention of building over can sell' air rights' to other guys who want to put up bigger buildings on their lots..

sounds kind of hinky to me.. but..

then I was told you can buy pollution offsets by putting money into ' clean technology research ' [ apparently airlines are big on this as they mess up the ozone taking holidayers to the Bahamas or whereever ] and they can pay into funds that help ' clean the atmosphere of carbon dioxide ' by planting trees..

Well, Hallelulia!.. at $ 200 a pop [ the going rate according to the blurb I saw ] I figure I'm good for that!.. My front and back yard could handle about 60 to 100 trees and with seedlings/saplings going at the local garden centre for about $ 6-10 each, I could make a nice bit of change agreeing to plant trees to save some tourist from his guilt at flying to Jamaica for Christmas.

Hell, I could be like Johnny Appleseed and walk about sticking twiglets into any open ground I pass at $200 a bush if it makes companies look good in the eyes of the sandal-wearing salad munching brigades..

Anyone know how to get on the list or register to Save the Planet for Gas and Oil Multinationals, Technoconglomerates, and guilt-ridden urban dwellers? I even have a dog that'll water the plants for free...
As there seems to be very little to fug all checks done on these companies I would think all you need do is register youself as a company, advertise your services and pocket the excess cash as it comes in.

This seems to be what Ben Elton called a Pot Noodle idea - makes money where there was no money before without removing money from anywhere else.
Sounds more like a virtual world proposition

I don't eat beans and I sh+t in my allotment, who wants to give me some money
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