Profiteering in Covid19


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There's been plenty of price hikes during this crisis and PPE is no exception.

From the manufacturer website

And then if you buy the same product through a medical supplies company.



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On this side of the pond some businesses are tacking on a covid19 surcharge to defray the rise in cost of their employees ppe. Government decreed if you want to run your business, proper ppe has to be provided, and a mask made by someone’s gran doesn’t count. Suppliers are just rubbing their hands together and licking their lips as they’ve got the upper hand and aren’t shy charging whatever will get them their new palatial country estate fastest before the bubble bursts.


I did a very small detachment into Appliaces and Equipment section in the Fire Authority I served. The ridiculous mark up for basic kit was unbelievable as soon as the suppliers knew who you were. We had some really nice tool box's on the trucks but they were £350+ a pop.

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