Profiling Possible Terrorist

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SPECCYOPS, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. Just listened to Simon Hughes (liberal Mp) on any questions on Radio 4.

    Vacuous populising insignificant cnut makes bottler Brown look decisive.
  2. didn't hear the interview, but any politician saying something sensible would be news, vacuous populism is simply the norm now.

    In reference to the thread title, why do all the media stick the the PC crap of going on about "profiling"? Tell it how it is, targetting the security effort at the relevant loons-de-jour, ie Muslims.
  3. El Al have been doing this for years.
  4. Not all Muslims are terrorists.
    Most terrorists ARE Muslims.
    So there.
  5. Not all Muslims are terrorists.
    Most terrorists ARE Muslims.

    Therefore in order not to offend terrorists mainly white elderly Christian women will be searched :wink:
  6. I also didn't hear the interview and so couldn't comment on it.

    However the majority of opinions that I have heard about profiling all slightly miss the point.

    Yes, a majority of terrorists threats to Britain are carried out by Muslims.

    However - from what back ground/class/education/specific cults of Islam/ etc.

    It's all very well identifying Muslims as a threat. But this parameter is enough to identify threat on it's own. The implied arguement is that there should be a seperate airport security system for Muslims. This reminds be slightly of a certain country in the southern tip of Africa.

    It would, I suspect, take too long and cost too much for airport security(globally) to run specific checks on every Islamic passenger.
  7. Might I suggest those Nigerians paying cash to fly from Yemen to the US, via Amsterdam, with no check-in luggage would be a good place to start?
  8. So you're in favour of searching white elderly Christian women then ?
  9. Especially if said Nigerian has been banned from entering the UK and was on a terrorist watch-list.
  10. Well said.
  11. I think EVERY single person wishing to board a flight should be made to eat a slice of ham. That'd solve the problem......
  12. Aroy mak mak as we would say in Thailand.

    My favourite ham is honey-roast.
  13. Well get on the plane then Sir..... :D And aroy mak mak means.......?
  14. Some give aways are

    No check in baggage, one way ticket (shoe bomber and the nigerian lad) (FFS!), no traveling companions. Not looking lecherously at the Stewardess.
  15. Delicous.As I'm flying to the States tomorrow-and on Delta at that,I don't want any Islamic scum anywhere near my plane.