profile raising charity trip......some ideas please!


chaps and chapesses, I have been tossing an idea around for a while in the vain hope that if it gets off the ground it would help to raise our profile both for staff and cadets's loosely along the lines nationally............age limit to be discussed..............pick a needy developing nation that is not too war torn or currently in the grip of insurrection.................send said cadets and staff together with scrounged expertise and resources to picked locals to build school/clinic/well/ etc etc......tell lots of press/ needs discussing with people in the system and thrashing out to see whether it is a bone idea or what better place to do it than's all yours


Cracking idea in theory!
But cost, insurance,covering staff would all be a problem!
raising money would take time but is achievable
Insurance maybe costly,injections, any other treatments etc
Can staff get time off work, could they or would they leave loved ones? sounds daft but is relevent.
If you get any joy let me know, id be up for it!
im only a sector away!

You don't have to go too far - Croatia is only a coach ride away and there are many deserving causes there. We used to support a community for handicapped and disabled young people. I think it was called the Velika Settlement and two of our REME Staffies made a big input. One took local discharge to support it I think but I had gone home by then. I am sorry but I cannot find a link...does anyone have a better memory than I?
pobarg said:
..............pick a needy developing nation that is not too war torn or currently in the grip of insurrection

Which part of the UK do you think would benefit the most?

Wise cracks apart - given the logistical problems of overseas (which would as they say detract from the main effort). I would suggest a series of UK based projects and engagment with local communities in the UK would yield better long term returns all round.

Great ideas though - well done.



Great idea, can I come?

Ive got a CSE in woodwork, so I could build a new hospital or summot!

My mate has got O level biology so he could perform spergikal operations or summot!

Another mate is a medic, so he could sit on his arse or summot!

seriously though GREAT IDEA.


thankyou seems like a good idea ............but where to start?....How to start? the UK thought I had overlooked that but that might work much better as a PR ex than abroad...........any thoughts where?....................and of course you can come girth, with a CSE who could refuse!
Seems like a great idea pobarg.
Where to start? hmm thats the challenging part...
If UK, then a retirement home in need of development, orphanage or something along those lines. Easy to organise and cost of materials would be kept to a minimum due to it only being paint/filler etc.
Logistically it would not be an issue either.
If not one of those then perhaps a church?
Abroad would be a different kettle of fish altogether although I doubt it would be impossible.
East Europian countries would be the place to look, there would probably allready be charitable organisations in place in most countries which would probably be able to help with most of the organising, ie flights/ accomodation/interpreters etc.
Your biggest issue I can see would arise from 'the powers that be'.
As has been stated, insurance costs etc.
UK should not be an issue, abroad certainly will.
My thoughts would be to look at charities working abroad and perhaps contact them to find out some information, (perhaps even Comic Relief)
such as what their aim is, would they like help etc and build up a rapport with any that seem interested.
Next step go to your county PR bloke or even direct to Frimley and suggest the idea to them. Use the evidence you have gathered from the charities to support your idea and detail the reasons why it would be good for the ACF.
Let them bat the idea around for a while and do more digging for information.
The venture would be better if opened up to cadets from the whole of the UK, and only for those that are over 16 to keep insurance costs down.
Perhaps a team of 30 Cadets and 10 AI's.
You could always apply for a lottery grant to help with costs, you never know...
If the PR bloke likes the idea then the next step would be to organise a time for your trip with the befriended charity.
Get an advert in the cadet magazine and perhaps soldier magazine as well as sending letters to all the acf counties.
They could even turn it into a competition to find 'The best Cadet'.
AI's should apply to yourself or a senior collegue.
If you are not an occifer, get one onside!

All the best in your venture,and oh yes, can I come?
Some useful advice here. Following on from the UK based idea...

If I had a willing group, I would approach the Royal British Legion and ask them for details of any ex-services personnel in their area that could benefit from the efforts of your group. Big spin off from this, is that you get guarantee a high profile, possibly more importantly, the benefits are felt by ex forces personnel - and the exposure of the cadets to "the old and bold" and "not so old and bold" would probably reap its own rewards far beyond the immediate deliverable.

PM me for a wider picture.
When you atarted this thread you mentioned overseas aid development work. I think the important thing to ask is "what am I trying to achieve?"
If raising the profile of the ACF is your goal I don't see any need to go overseas. You want to be on TV and Radio here and your best bet is local and regional news.

For starters, I would suggest you make it a Tri-service exercise as it were.

How about a relay "race" round the UK where Cadets take some item or other from one Detachment to another on route marches, with an occasional boat trip on rivers or up the coast by the Sea Cadets and perhaps a couple of flights by ATC? ATC and SC could join in the marches too.

Perhaps something of this nature could be tied in with RBL, going from town to town.
we are taking part in the st dunstans challenge this year maybe it could be turned into an acf wide event which would attract attention as st dunstans always get their pr involved and its only 13.1 miles travelled however you want.


Don't want to pi55 on your bonfire mate, but if you take a (para)military organisation into those kinds of areas overseas then the Non-Governmental Organisations who also have charitable interests in those areas would whinge like fcuk and block it.


Basically a cracking idea. There are so many charities in this country that would benefit from ACF fund raising, cadets would get points towards cadet in the community and the profile of the ACF would be raised in a positive light. Everyone's a winner. As far as getting started, find out what charities are in you area, find out what practical help you ca offer, approach your county/sector HQ with your info, and then let us know. Sorry to be vague, but that's the best I can offer, as it all depends on the needs of the charities. If this gets off the ground, maybe a nationwide ACF effort for a particular charity. Maybe something non-military related, as that would possibly grab the imagination of the genereal public. :et's face it, our cadets go out in a big way to raise money for thwe RBL poppy appeal, but the publicity they get in return is not a lot, as it's under the umbrella of a bigger organisation. What about cadets working in local hospices all over the country. Just an idea.
Hope this helps


papegojan - I admire your enthusiasm. Way to go! I am now totally with you, esp after that tin foil hat thingy... WTF!??


pobarg, which sector are you from. i know it sounds dull try the national trust for big long term projects, morden hall and the cutty sark for example. joking about the cutter. my cadets and i would be in.

up for anything.............. :D


Basically we could fire this up to CTC maybe, as they have contacts throughout the country, ie all county HQ and commandants. A nationwide initiative would obviously need to be run from somewhere central, and Frimley would be the obvious first point of contact. Let's face it a nationwide initiative can only be positive. OBL have PM'd you re your last post.

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