Proffesional Bodies Membership for VMs any tips or hints?

Discussion in 'REME' started by REMEWOTAJOKE, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Started looking into it all and it's getting all confusing.Anybody out there give me some guidance.
    VM "A"
    Class 1- April 1994
    If anyone knows the Management Routes that would be appreciated too.
  2. First line of attack is to have a chat to your nearest BEME/OC/EME/ASM – they are all supposed to belong to a Professional Engineering Institution. Part of their Charter is to encourage/assist others to follow the same route even if it isn’t with the same institution that they belong to. The Corps has a rep for all of the major institutions and I think that their details are listed in the “Blue Book” (REME Officer’s List) which your EME/OC/BEME should be able to photocopy for you. Contact the rep for detailed advice and possibly a more formal interview. REME Corps Instructions E7 and E8 gives some guidance Like it or not, you will have to produce a Professional Engineering Logbook to support your application – so make sure that you have all of your course dates/certificates etc ready..
  3. For a VM probably the simplest method is to go via the Society of Operations Engineers Road Transport Engineering Sector. You need a sponsor who has at least full member status to recommend you.

    visit or e-mail

    Your REME/Army PDR, if maintained, is a suitable form of log book for most purposes.

    If you want IEng/EngTech then you will need to go through an interview and selection process including a formal essay of you career and a career crossmapping form (a form of development plan). Once again you will need to have a sponsor who is at least IEng.

    It all depends on your experience and qualifications.

    There are many different engineering organisations and societies so you will need to see which one suits your purpose best.

    As for Management stuff speak to an IERO as they have up to date information.

    Thats my ten pence worth

    Hope it helps
  4. I wouldn't bother mate, you dont need them. They only want you for the subscriptions. Get into computing and away from winking spanners. When you get out of the green kit you dont want to be crawling around on the floor when you can have a nice office job with better money.

  5. Stay clear of the management institutes, they are a waste of time and do nothing for you. I joined the Institute of Supervisory Management with some mates at the end of my Tiffy cse and binned it within 2 years. They did nothing for me and could offer nothing once you looked in to it in depth.
    Am now IEng (Mech) and its much better. Have had it a few years and no doubt they have changed their entry criteria now, but its worth getting into one of the Engineering institutes be it IMechIE, SORTE or what ever they are called now.
    Some say they are a waste of money and that if you join now you are wasting money. I agree to some of that, but also disagree if you know what i mean. Getting letters after your name shows a commitment to bettering yourself, and the higher the level of membership the more you are worth and you are entitled to higher levels of service and more benefits.
    At the end of the day its down to you. I joined one lot and then binned them. I have since joined another engineering institute and feel that that was the right move for me at the time, but it might not be the right move for you. Is it worth paying a yearly subscription to something you might not need to call on in the future just to say you are a member. I think i get value for service, but then again i am staying in engineering.
  6. DT is right in saying that the Society of Operations Engineers is the simplest entry point into a professional organisation for VMs. I joined last year and with just my qualifications from class one course I was immediately recognised as EngTech status by the engineering council. Apparantly the SOE have studied the syllabus for the VM trade courses and have given REME VMs a "fast-track" entrance route which doesn't require an interview. You still need a sponsor though and you do need to provide copies of your qualification certs signed for authenticity by someone of either IEng or CEng status (not necessarily a member of SOE themselves though).

    There is a "fast-track" route to IEng status as well but you have to be a tiffy and have completed 5 years of management experience (I think) and the WO CLM course. You also do some form of interview process. If you can't do the "fast-track" process then you have to do it the normal way I'm afraid. That involves sh1tloads of interviews and proof of management experience.

    To anyone who is staying in engineering and thinks that membership of an organisation is a waste of time then think again. Civilian firms cannot relate to what we do in the army but they can relate to EngTech, IEng and CEng status. And the longer you've held your status with the engineering council, the more committed to engineering you look to potential employers. £92 a year for the 10 years before you get out could well get you into a job earning thousands more than you would have done if the only thing the interviewer knew of your capabilities was that you lifted engines out of tanks. And if my maths is any good I'd say that was worth the money.

    REMEWOTAJOKE - you won't have any worries gaining EngTech status but if you really want to go for IEng status then I'd get working on that PDR if you're not at least an AQMS or a crusty old tiffy with the WO CLM under his belt. Good luck :)
  7. Thanks Alpha-Mech. I'm no Tiffy,due out in 2009 after my 22 is up.Been thinking about heading towards Health and Safety for my resettlement using my ELC,SLC, etc. I do know for definate that if you hold EngTech then City & Guilds will award you your Licensatship.I've looked at the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Leadership and Management and there are Fast Track routes for the Forces as well. Did notice that it is structured very much towards rank,but I've been told a reference from your OC detailing mangement responsibilities if you are a Senior Cpl can in most cases result in the Membership Grade for Sgts.Should of done all this years ago but was probably too drunk to do anything!!.
  8. Listen mate, save your hard earned or spend it on computer courses. Theres lots of cash to be made in computing without all this nonsense about letters after your name.
  9. John I am (and I'm sure we all are) really happy that you've landed on your feet with a nice well paid job in IT. But how long is it gonna be before the IT sector is saturated with youngsters straight out of college with better qualifications than we can get while on our resettlement? Not to mention the fact they'll be willing to take home less money than a 40 year old guy would expect to.

    A classic example of that very same thing was the shortage of plumbers just a few years back. In central London there was the capacity to earn upwards of £100k a year. Everyone cottoned onto it though and within just a couple of years there were more plumbers in London than you could shake a sh1tty stick at, causing their fees (and hence earnings) to drop.

    REMEWOTAJOKE has said he's not out till 2009 so do you really think he's gonna be able to land on his feet like you did? I'm all for taking risks to achieve things but if you've a family to support and a massive mortgage to pay maybe it's best to stick with what you know??? Besides...employment within the H&S industry is well paid too (and that's what REMEWOTAJOKE is looking toward). Businesses don't want to be sued every five mins so they're willing to pay blokes a hefty wage to ensure their umbrella is fcuking massive.

    I'm not knocking you've obviously done well but how can you know all others will???
  10. the key to civvy street is working out a gap in the market and exploiting it,i didn,t know jack shit about construction when i came out of the reme but using a bit of common sense and working at it i,ve progressed up the ladder.anyone can put their hand at anything if they are prepared to diversify and learn new skills.its a bit scary at first but just keep at it,the military is a good training course in itself!
  11. Don't be discouraged lad, contact the various institutes direct , ask for membership application forms, and seek sponsorship from existing members in or around your unit.
    I left the REME as a Class 1 VMB ,and mainly due to this I applied and got membership of the following professional bodies
    The Institute of Road Transport Engineers / SOE
    The Institute of the Motor Industry
    The Institute of Engineers and Technicians
    Institute of Transport Administration
    Licentiate City and Guilds of London
    Most of these organisations have websites that will give you the low down on membership application and qualification/training.
    Go for it.
  12. But how have those institutes helped you out in civvy street? :?
  13. Ex VM now H&S Advisor/ Manager/Consultant

    Chartered Membership of IOSH keeps my phone & email busy with calls from agencies.

    Current Job requires me to be CMIOSH.

    So yes being a member of the right institute will help.