Professor Guillermo Makin.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rgjbloke, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Professor Guillermo Makin.

    Just seen this smooth talking Argentine academic smooching his way through a Sky news discussion about William the Conqueror popping over to the Falklands. He seems to be the Argentinian secret weapon for telling us how it should be for the Malvinas?

    I also see from his facebook page that he obtained his Phd at Cambridge! Given that and as he has been on Sky news a few times recently, I presume that he spends quite some time over here? Anybody ever come across him?

    Gentlemen, can I suggest! In the interests of diplomacy and sensitivity for this matter, because this forum has posters who served in the Falklands both during hostilities there and over the years since the war, please keep comments sensible and topical. Let's not give anybody any excuse to portray this thread as indicative of anything other than a simple discussion on this forum.
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  2. Published: 14/01/2011 08:38 - Updated: 14/01/2011 08:43

    £350,000 bill for interpreter who made email slur

    Raymond Brown

    A Cambridge man faces financial ruin after sending a libellous email.

    Guillermo Makin, of Mulberry Close, Leys Road, is now on the brink of bankruptcy, with legal costs of the five-day High Court fight in excess of £300,000, a court heard.

    He sent an untrue email alleging that fellow interpreter Jan Cambridge had sold out her colleagues.

    This week she won £30,000 in libel damages at London’s High Court.

    Mr Makin has already handed over £15,000 towards the legal bill.

    But his counsel, Hugh Tomlinson QC, told Mr Justice Tugendhat, who made the award, that he did not have the money to meet the damages and costs totalling in the region of £350,000.

    He said: “The effect of the judgment would be to bankrupt the defendant, with the costs more than 10 times the award.”

    The judge stayed payment of the £30,000 award and the costs bill pending a renewed application to the Court of Appeal.

    Mrs Cambridge, from Heswall, in the Wirral, sued over an email sent by Mr Makin in May 2007.

    The judge said she was a highly qualified freelance professional linguist who was a non-executive director of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI).

    She said the email alleged she abused her position with the register to pass on confidential information about interpreters to a commercial provider of translation services called Cintra.

    Mr Makin complained that Cintra, using the information, had created a monopoly in the East Midlands and Norfolk and slashed interpreters’ fees by 60 per cent, and that other interpreters were forced to accept their rates.

    The judge said he accepted the evidence of Mrs Cambridge that the allegation against her was untrue and had caused her “great distress.”

    He said it was “particularly distressing” to her as she has put in hundreds of hours of her time on a voluntary basis for the register and “has reached a very distinguished position in her profession”.

    He added: “The allegation that she preferred the benefit of working for Cintra to her duties as a director is particularly mean and humiliating for her in these circumstances.

    “People were less cordial and pleasant to her, some stopped speaking to her and others demanded she defend herself against the charges made.

    “Interpreters expressed their belief that she had caused destitution amongst them by her illegal acts.”

    She also lost work as a result.

    He said £30,000 was a figure “reasonably required to re-establish her reputation”.
  3. I fail to see why, the media are entertaining these 'commentators'. The status quo is established, the Argentine has no right to the Falklands and any discussion is moot. The above indictment of Mr Makin should indicate his judgement as less than sound.
  4. Cambridge is and has always been a treasonous nest of vipers!
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  5. Given the litigation he is involved in, it might be sensible for a Mod to close this thread? What do you think?
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  6. He's living just up the road from me, I hope it bankrupts him. FWIW I watched a discussion on Sky News about the Falklands with Simon Weston, I think it would be 22 January. Simon Weston put him firmly in his place. I'm surprised that Sky News are still using the Makin guy, Weston tore him a 2nd arrsehole for constantly interrupting.
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  7. Jan (Janet) Cambridge v. Guillermo Arturo Makin, [2011], in the High Court of Justice (The Queen's Bench Division), EWHC 12 (QB) 12/01/2011 (Case No: HQ09X00176), published 19 Jan 2011.
  8. 12 Jan 2011
    [h=1]Interpreter awarded £30,000 for libel[/h][h=4]Justification and QP defences fail, malice proven[/h]
    [HR][/HR]Jan Cambridge, a Public Service Interpreter, has succeeded in her claim for libel against Dr Guillermo Makin, another interpreter.

    The trial of her claim was heard by Mr Justice Tugendhat in November 2010. In his judgment, handed down on 12 January 2011, Tugendhat J. rejected Dr Makin's justification and qualifed privilege defences. He also found that Dr Makin had acted with malice and ordered him to pay Mrs Cambridge £30,000 in damages, her costs (mostly on the indemnity basis) and granted her an injunction.

    Mrs Cambridge originally sued the GMB trade union and Mr Makin as co-
    defendants, however, the GMB entered into a settlement in September 2009 by which it agreed to pay her £30,000 in damages and to make a statement in open court.

    The libel was in the form of an email published in May 2007 to approximately one thousand persons. It was designed to assist Dr Makin's campaign to win a motion of no confidence which he had brought against Mrs Cambridge in regard to her conduct as a Director of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters Ltd. Dr Makin's aim was to remove her from that position so that he could replace her. The libel alleged that Mrs Cambridge has abused her position as a director of the NRPSI by acting on a conflict of interest by selling its members' data to a body in which she had a private interest and that she had personally benefited from the sale.
  9. I noticed when Professor Makin was speaking on Sky News today, he was by lined as a professor at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires. I had a look on Google and it's a private institution.

    Here's a link: University of Belgrano

    I'm not an educational sector expert and especially have no knowledge of the Argentine education sector. Anybody here able to give a bit of an idea how it works over there?

    For instance, are all universities in Argentina similar to this one, i.e. is this one a typical institution for it's kind or, is it a small private concern unsimilar to the usual institution in Argentina and more similar to the language schools that exist in London.

    Any idea's?
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    His supposed Argentinian credentials and qualifications (La Universidad de Belgrano, ) appeared legit (his thesis was "Parlamentarismo versus presidencialismo: estudio del caso británico: un análisis institucional" (my attempted loose translation as a non-speaker of the language: The Westminster-style parliamentary system versus the Presidential system; a study of the "British" example, and an analysis of the institutions therein), no. 73/2001 , Investigaciones - Publicaciones - Universidad de Belgrano ), whereas the same thing cannot be said about his supposed Ph.D. from an unknown, and unspecified, College in Cambridge (which is a Collegiate University, like London, unlike Durham and the other "Red-bricks"). Quite literally, neither here or there. Even the Cambridge entry of his "Likedin" profile does not appear to be terribly Kosher.

    This discussion is probably more suited to "thestudentroom", me thinks.

    I am also attempting to find the audio recording of the last night's programme that he also did with Iain Dale with the LBC.

    Is there anyone who would volunteer to telephone Janet Cambridge, of Heswell, in the Wirral, to ask if her £30,000 and her other legal fees have been paid?

    What a night it was!


    One of the UK’s leading interpreters has won £30,000 in damages after a High Court judge ruled that a campaign waged against her had caused “serious professional damage”.

    Following the publication of the judgement today, Jan Cambridge’s solicitor Michael Sandys said his client felt “vindicated” by the ruling by Mr Justice Tugendhat but remained angry that her life had been “turned upside down” since allegations of professional impropriety were first made in June 2005.

    Fellow distinguished interpreter Dr Guillermo Makin accused mother-of-two Mrs Cambridge, from Heswall, Wirral, of abusing her position as director of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI) in passing information to commercial organisations.

    Central to the allegations was that she had gained financially by helping the Cambridge Interpreting and Translation Agency (CINTRA) to win a contract to provide interpreter services to police forces in the East Midlands region.

    An email sent by Dr Makin, from Cambridgeshire, to a number of colleagues stated that “Janet Cambridge had interests in CINTRA, an agency that obtained our data”. Dr Makin claimed that as a result of CINTRA obtaining the contract there was a reduction in the earnings of interpreters.

    Handing down his judgement, Mr Justice Tugendhat said: “The allegation that a director has abused her position to prefer her private interests over her duties is a serious libel. The "publishees" in this case were fellow members of her own profession. A professional person’s reputation amongst one’s colleagues is one of the most important considerations of such a person.

    “I accept the evidence of the claimant that the libel, as I have found it to be, caused her great distress.

    “The claimant describes how following the emails published by the defendant in the Spring of 2007, persons with whom she was working ceased to be cordial and stopped speaking to her. Others demanded that she defend herself from the charges of wrongdoing. Interpreters expressed their belief that she had caused destitution among[st] them by her illegal acts.”

    Mrs Cambridge told the High Court in London that she had lost work as a result of the libel and that she had fallen behind on projects she was working on at the time.

    Mr Justice Tugendhat added: “I have no difficulty in concluding that serious professional damage is a likely result of a charge of personal wrongdoing
    of the kind alleged.”

    The Judge awarded Mrs Cambridge damages of £30,000. In an earlier separate action, she won a further £35,000 in damages from the GMB union.

    Mrs Cambridge’s lawyer Michael Sandys, a Partner with Kirwans, said: “Mrs
    Cambridge feels vindicated by the judgement handed down by the High Court [,] which she hopes will help her to draw a line under the affair after five years of hell.

    “However, she rightly remains angry at the damage done to her professional and personal life by this hugely defamatory campaign. Today’s victory is the right and proper outcome.”

    ("Birmingham Bulletin" (the Membership Magazine), February 2011 issue, Law Society of Birmingham, B3)
  12. Careful. The chap has what appear to be some ill-justified and perhaps even knobbish views on the Falklands and has obviously been found to have behaved extremely badly towards a colleague, with serious consequences for him after it went to trial. However - his Cambridge PhD is almost certainly above board.

    A thesis on political crises in Argentina, by Guillermo Arturo Makin, is filed in the Cambridge University Library, with an approval date of February 1985. Although it doesn't list his college on the library catalogue, this is not uncommon for Cambridge theses, and I think standard practice - a thesis that I'm quite familiar with (I examined it) appears with the author's affiliation being departmental.

    Furthermore, I know that he wrote an article in International Affairs in 1983, 'Argentine Approaches to the Falklands/Malvinas: Was Violence Foreseeable?', and looking that out, it gives him as being a graduate student at Girton.

    So while his appearances in the media - both voluntary and, one assumes, a little more reluctantly - might create an unfavourable impression about him, he's not making it up about his Cambridge PhD, unless there are two men with the same name, claiming the same university background and studying the same area. And, of course, why anyone would wish to walt as a Tab is quite beyond me...:nod:
  13. Thanks for that. I was hoping somebody might produce some proper information about him and you have clarified some facts. Cheers!
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  14. I saw him on Sky, liked to talk over Simon Weston and John Knott. (yes, Simon did do us proud and cut him a second arresole, and John backed him up). Last time I saw political incompentence like this, it was Tariq Aziz.

    Keep up the good work Guillermo!

    I am trying to balanced here but the person was so arrogant and rude. I would use other words but the thread would be killed.
  15. He sounds like a character out of Lord of the Rings.